June 25, 2022

​Fox Web School Freelancing Course By Rob Anthonny O’Rourke – Free Download

​Fox Web School Freelancing Course By Rob Anthonny O’Rourke – Free Download

See BIG Results and Get Paid Fast with the Fox Freelancing Course & Get lifetime access to the training videos from the Fox Legends program!



If you applied to join Fox Legends Program, but didn’t yet have the funds to join, this is for you!

The Fox Freelancing Course is all about giving you the best chance to get your web design business going so that if you wish, you can then join the Legends program down the road.

The Fox Freelancing Course will help you to …

Start your profitable web design business from scratch using the proven path that hundreds of students have followed to land clients and win large in a short amount of time.

Get a solid start to your entrepreneurial journey where success builds on success for an experience of winning, instead of getting stuck going around in circles and getting nowhere.

Stay on track with practical, easy to implement, organized lessons that give you a logical roadmap to freedom.

Sell your services with confidence using the Fox CORE Sales Process (once you know these advanced sales techniques, you’ll find it so much easier to price your services, close deals and get your first paying clients).

Think like a business owner so that you can identify even more opportunities and needs, opening up doors to more paying work.

Take advantage of time-tested templates and scripts that give you an immediate jumpstart with proven wording that has worked countless times for new web designers.

See exactly how to build an amazing website quickly and without needing to have advanced technical skills.

Use the “6 Steps for Sales” process to structure your clients’ websites, so you know you are on a winning path to creating value for your clients (this is crucial to jumpstart your business the right way).

Improve your selling mindset so that you don’t hold yourself back from deals you could have landed due to self-doubt or insecurities.

Take action during the course with exercises and action steps that move you towards your goals and build a positive feedback loop so that you stay motivated

….and MUCH more

The lessons in the Fox Freelancing Course come directly from all the best content that I’ve made for my private students in the past.


Here’s exactly what you get inside the Fox Freelancing Course:


This practical, actionable advice (with NO FLUFF) will help you to think like an entrepreneur, get some initial progress, learn how to sell, land paying clients, make your business profitable, and start building a lifestyle of freedom.


Content Breakdown:
Course Intro (3 mins)Welcome to Fox Freelancing Course (2 mins)
Learning to Code (1 mins)

Section #1: Making Money with Web Design (2 hours 26 mins)
Section Intro (3 mins)
#1: Design (3 mins)
#2: Layouts (6 mins)
#3: Copywriting (4 mins)
#4: Trust Building Content (5 mins)
#5: Images + Graphics (5 mins)
#6: Videos (4 mins)
#7: Branding (2 mins)
#8: SEO (2 mins)
#9: Sales System (5 mins)
#10: Contact Systems (5 mins)
#11: Hosting (4 mins)
Section Summary (5 mins)
Exercise: Studying Other Websites (6 mins)

Section #2: The CORE Sales Process (1 hour 30 mins)
Sales Section Intro (5 mins)
#1: Sales Preparation (6 mins)
#2: Opening the Sale (3 mins)
#3: Building Rapport (9 mins)
#4: Setting the Frame (6 mins)
#5: Why Questions Sell (5 mins)
#6: Understanding the Situation (7 mins)
#7: Focusing on the Problems (6 mins)
#8: Understanding the Core Issues (6 mins)
#9: The BIG Need (8 mins)
#10: Positive Potential (6 mins)
#11: Recap and Confirm (7 mins)
#12: Budget (8 mins)
#13: Project Plan + Wrap Up (8 mins)
Sales Section Outro (1 min)
Exercise: Asking Questions for 10 Minutes
Action Step: Mental Preparation

Section #3: Sending Proposals that Sell (1 hour 25 mins)
#1: Section Intro (3 mins)
#2: When to Send a Proposal (6 mins)
#3: Breaking Down Your Sales Calls (6 mins)
#4: Example: Sales Call Breakdown (4 mins)
#5: Communicating Effectively (6 mins)
#6: The AIDA Formula (5 mins)
#7: Getting Attention (7 mins)
#8: Building Interest (12 mins)
#9: Creating Desire (11 mins)
#10: Getting them to take action (14 mins)
#11: Creating an Invoice (8 mins)
#12: When to Follow Up on a Proposal (3 mins)
#13: Contracts – A quick starter guide (1 min)
Action Step: Be Ready to Get Paid (1 min)

Section #4: Prospecting: How to Find Clients (2 hours 20 mins)
#1: Prospecting Section Intro (1 min)
#2: What is the purpose of prospecting? (5 mins)
#3: What do business owners want? (10 mins)
#4: Giving Business Owners Want They Want (8 mins)
#5: AIDA and Prospecting (2 mins)
#6: Six ways to influence (9 mins)
#7: Three Key Ingredients for Prospecting (8 mins)
#8 : Putting it all together (3 mins)
#9: Where to Start With Your Prospecting (10 mins)
#10: Who to Target when Prospecting (10 mins)
#11: Who is Likely to Trust You (12 mins)
#12 – What Niche is Best (5 mins)
#13: Let’s Start Prospecting! (1 min)
#14: Selling to Family and Friends (17 mins)
#15: Personal Connections (8 mins)
#16: Business Connections (12 mins)
#17: 2nd Connections (13 mins)
#18: Networking (Basics) (7 mins)

Section #5 – How to Build Great Websites (2 hours 38 mins)

Module #1: Building Your First Website (1 hour 19 mins):

5.1.1 Simple But Effective Web Design (7 mins)
5.1.2 Picking the Right Theme for Each Project (10 mins)
5.1.3 Setting Up a HTML Theme (7 mins)
5.1.4 Picking Your Website Style (7 mins)
5.1.5 Planning Out a Website (8 mins)
5.1.6 Designing Your Layout (11 mins)
5.1.7 Website Layout – First Draft (8 mins)
5.1.8 Simple Concepts for a Great Design (13 mins)
5.1.9 Locking in Your Design (5 mins)
5.1.10 HTML BONUS – Setting up Smooth Scroll (3 mins)

Module #2: Copywriting and Media (54 mins):

5.2.1 Planning Your Content and Media (6 mins)
5.2.2 First Stage of Writing Your Own Copy (4 mins)
5.2.3 Preparing Copywriting RAW Info (2 mins)
5.2.4 Writing Your Content (7 mins)
5.2.5 Final Copywriting Check (7 mins)
5.2.6 Site and Course Update (4 mins)
5.2.7 How to Best Use Images and Media (22 mins)
5.2.8 Final Site Overview (2 mins)

Module #3: Finishing the Site and Hosting (25 mins):

5.3.1 Handing Over The Project (8 mins)
5.3.2 Site Completion and Demo Email (8 mins)
5.3.3 Hosting and Management Options (6 mins)
5.3.4 Final Client Email and Some Useful Tactics (3 mins)

Total: 10 hours 15 mins
And Bonus Advanced Selling:

Section #6 – Advanced Selling Techniques

6.1 The Value of Web Design Intro
6.2 The 4 Ways to Think about Selling Web Design
6. 3 Exercise: Improving Your Selling Mindset
6.4 Certainty Intro
6.5 Getting Certain
6.6 Exercise: Improve your Certainty
6.7 Intro to Selling a Change
6.8 How to Sell a Change

6.9 Exercise: What to Change?
6.10 Stories Section Intro
6.11 Stories that Sell – Core Content
6.12 Guide: What’s Behind a Story that Sells
6.13 Exercise: Using Stories to Sell Web Design

Plus Extra Bonuses:
Bonus: Website Sales System (57 mins)
Bonus: 6 Steps for Sales (26 mins)
Bonus: Effective Website Designs
Bonus: Downloadable Sales Call Question Guide
Bonus: Sample Freelancing Contract

Bonus: Cold Prospecting Templates

The choice is yours.

You can finally break through to owning a profitable web design business… or you can keep using the same old tactics that leave you stuck, frustrated, and wondering why you can’t get ahead.

The choice is yours, but over 300 people have already been through this material and found success with it, and I want that success for you, too.

If it’s the right move for you and you’re ready to go, just sign up by clicking the button below.


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