August 12, 2022

Bobby Hoyt – Facebook Side Hustle Course Free Download Course

Bobby Hoyt - Facebook Side Hustle Course

Bobby Hoyt – Facebook Side Hustle Course

Just Follow This Simple, Step-By-Step Plan For Earning An Extra $1,000-$2,000 Per Month Running Facebook Ads For Local Businesses… And You’ll Be Able To Pay Off Your Debt, Save Some Extra Money, Invest For Your Future, And Have Cash On Hand To Do The Things You Love.

The Best Part?

You don’t need a website or any prior experience to do this… you can run your side hustle in only 2-3 hours a week… and all you need to get started is a couple of FREE tools like a Facebook profile, an email address and a PayPal account. If you’re ready to finally get control of your financial situation and set yourself up for a better life, then keep reading…

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to learn how you can start your very own side hustle in the next 28 days… so you can start earning extra cash to pay off your debt, invest for your future, or just so you have enough money at the end of the month to enjoy with your loved ones… then this is going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Hi, my name is Bobby Hoyt. You might know me from my popular blog where I help people get out of debt, start a side hustle, and improve their financial situations.

Bobby Hoyt - Facebook Side Hustle Course

A few years ago, I made a rash decision.

I decided to quit my job as a public school teacher to pour all of my energy and focus into building up my blog.

At the time, I had a pretty big following of loyal readers who enjoyed learning about the strategies and tactics I used to cut down my expenses… eliminate over $40,000 worth of debt in just two years on a teachers salary… and find small ways to increase my income so I could sock away some savings.

I knew that being a high school teacher wasn’t my passion… and building up my blog so it could help people all around the world was… so I took a big leap of faith and left what most people would consider to be a “good” job.

Now, in retrospect, this might not have been the safest decision I’ve ever made.

Especially because when I handed in my resignation letter, I had only made a cool $3.00 from my website.

Crazy, right?

It didn’t matter though.

I needed that extra time, attention and energy that would come from leaving my job if I was going to be able to build that business up.

But… at the same time… I needed to pay my rent and put food on the table.

That’s When I Started

My Very First “Side Hustle.”

Every day, I would work for 7-8 hours on my blog… and then I’d spend an extra hour or two performing digital marketing services (which were similar to the one I’m about to tell you about) for local businesses.

How did this new side hustle work out?

Well… my wife and I didn’t starve to death!

In fact, I was able to quickly replace the income I gave up when I left my teaching job with my new side hustle. At one point, I was actually making MORE with my side hustle then I did when I was working full time for the school district.

This side hustle is what kept me afloat while I was learning how to monetize my blog.

It was very profitable, very fast.

And the cool thing was, it was not hard at all to set up.

Did it take a bit of figuring out? Of course. But remember… I was a band director before I started my side hustle.

I had zero experience or training in performing digital marketing services for local businesses before I started.

So if I can figure it out, you can too…

Here’s What

The Facebook Side Hustle

Is All About

There are a LOT of digital marketing services you could provide for local businesses.

They all can make you money. And not all of them require a ton of time.

But out of all the options out there, the most requested service I see right now is Facebook ad management.

Basically, businesses owners need people who can run their ad campaigns and bring them new customers… so they look for people like you to hire to perform this service for them.

Managing ad campaigns for businesses really isn’t that difficult. It’s something you could figure out in a couple of days time. And it’s a super effective way to drive leads to for any kind of business, which makes it a very profitable side hustle for the small amount of time you’d be investing.

It’s industry standard to charge anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000/month per client, and you don’t need any website or marketing experience to get started.

This side hustle only takes a few hours each week. After you onboard a client and do the initial ad creation and audience testing, the ads essentially run on autopilot from then on.

Here’s Why This Side Hustle

Is So “In-Demand”

The one big problem every business owner has is that they can never have enough customers.

In an ideal world, a business owner would love to just be able to cut a check, pay someone… and have customers magically “show up” in their store, at office or to their website.

That would be a perfect situation for them.

That’s why these business owners turn to Facebook ads.

Facebook is the most robust and targeted ad platform ever. A business owner can place an ad targeting people in their town… or people who have a certain interest… and get clicks to their website, book appointments, or start making sales – in a matter of minutes.

(And I’m living proof that FB ads really can work for any kind of business. After I learned how to set up and manage my own ads, I used them to drive over 1,000,000 unique views to my blog last year for a heck of a lot less than it would cost with any other type of media.)

That’s part of the reason why this is so exciting…

In the past, business owners would have to spend thousands of dollars in TV ads, radio ads, or newspaper spots… and might never seen an ROI for that money. Plus, it would take weeks for them to see a tangible result… or to even see if the ad worked.

It was a big waste of time and money, running ads with old media.

But with Facebook, a business owner can start advertising with a small budget and start seeing immediate results – that same day, usually within a few hours.

This is why last year, business owners spent over $88,000,000 PER DAY on Facebook ads. And that number is growing at an alarming rate…

Partially Because Of The New

Algorithm Change Facebook Announced On 1/11/18.

This Is Going To Make Facebook Ads Even MORE In-Demand.

On 1/11/18 Facebook made an announcement that freaked a LOT of people out.

The gist of it was, they were going to change their algorithm so that users see less organic content from businesses and more content from their friends and families.

But, this is actually a very good thing – especially if you’re planning on starting up this side hustle.

You see, Facebook makes money by selling ad space in your newsfeed.

For a long time, businesses have been getting around paying for advertisements by making normal posts from their pages. Like this:

Facebook is NOT about to start cannibalizing their own profits. Remember, they make money by selling ads. This change to the newsfeed might look righteous, but you have to remember their true motivation:

They are a public company trying to earn money for their shareholders.

This move will benefit them by forcing more business owners than ever before start using Facebook ads if they want their content to be seen.

And that is why businesses everywhere are going to need people like YOU who can manage their ads for them, now more than ever.

But Why Would A Business

Pay Me To Manage Their Ads?

Can’t They Just Do It Themselves?

Most business owners are really good at what they do.

If they own a sandwich shop, they’re probably really good at making sandwiches.

If they own a Chiropractic Office, the owner is probably very good at fixing people’s backs.

If they own a roofing company, they’re probably really good at fixing roofs.

But no matter what kind of local business they run… the one thing they’re NOT good at is running Facebook ads and bringing in new customers.

It’s a completely different skillset.

And while it probably wouldn’t take too much time for the business owner to learn, they have a million other things going on.

Business owners are constantly dealing with the problems that arise every single day. They’re always getting pulled in a million different directions. They’re constantly looking to put out fires and solve problems… or find people who can solve these problems for them.

They have enough on their plate. Enough tasks on their “to-do” lists.

The last thing they want to do is take the time out of their busy schedule to learn a new skill like Facebook ads.

They’d much rather hire someone like you to come in, get them set up, and just deliver them customers on a silver platter.

Think about it from their perspective:

They get a boatload of new customers, more business, and a huge influx of cash flow that they didn’t have to work any harder for… and all they had to do was pay you a small fee to make this all happen.

You’re basically building them a pipeline that can bring them new customers day-after-day for as long as they’d like.

It’s a win-win solution.

And while I’m sure you understand why this makes so much sense from a business owner’s perspective, you might be wondering…

Would People Really

Pay Me $1,000-$2,000/Month

To Do This For Them?

Let’s do some quick and easy math:

Let’s say you’re the business owner. And let’s say you own a warehouse gym.

Let’s also say you charge a customer $200/month for their membership (which is probably pretty cheap compared to some of these high priced crossfit gyms and personal training studios out there.) And for the sake of this exercise let’s say that an average customer stays with you for 8 months.


You know that every customer that comes into your business is worth (on average) $1,600.

If someone told you that they could set you up with an automated Facebook ad campaign that could bring you between 10-20 new customers every single month… how much would that be worth to you?

If you got just 10 clients a month with this method, that would be an extra $16,000 in new business.

Would you give someone $1,000 if you knew you would make $16,000 or more, every single month?

I don’t know about you, but if someone told me that every month I could hand them $1,000 and I’d get $16,000 in return… then I’d take that deal in a heartbeat.

That definitely sounds like a fair trade to me.

But Here’s Where

It Gets Really Exciting:

Some businesses have a very high customer value.

Think about a local bathroom remodeling company.

Every new client they could could be worth between $8,000-$15,000.

How many new clients would you have to get that business for your $1,000/month fee to be worth it for them?

Imagine the campaign you created for them brought in four new clients in the next month. That’d be an extra $32,000-$60,000 worth of new business… and they only had to give you $1,000 to make that happen.

That’s why this service is so popular.

And that’s why so many people who start this side hustle are able to start earning money so quickly.

Business owners want to pay money to acquire new customers. And if you set them up with a consistent, predictable way to get new business, they’ll become happy clients of yours for a very long time.

This Sounds Really Hard…

I’m Not Sure I’ll Be Able To Do This

That’s exactly what I thought when I was just starting out.

But luckily for you, I’m going to give you a step-by-step plan for making this happen.

Now, you should know… I didn’t create this side hustle out of thin air. A lot of people did this before I ever started. And one of those people is an old high school buddy of mine named Mike Yanda.

Bobby Hoyt - Facebook Side Hustle Course

Mike is a regular guy who actually has a pretty similar story.

We went to the same high school together.

We both got “good”, safe jobs out of college.

And we both left college with a LOT of debt.

But the reason I’m telling you about Mike is because we both started our own “side hustles” around the same time.

You see, Mike quickly realized, just like I did, that those loans weren’t just going to go away all on their own.

And while he knew that after he graduated law school he would end up with a “good”, safe job as a lawyer… he was knew it was going to be a while before he started making enough money to make him feel happy and secure.

So… Mike started a fitness coaching business to bring in some extra cash while he was still in law school.

At first, he was doing alright… making decent money.

But then… he learned how to use Facebook ads to start driving traffic and leads to his website.

As soon as he did this, he started making sales like crazy for his 1-on-1 coaching and for his membership site… thanks to all the leads he was attracting with his Facebook ads.

His success started attracting the attention of a lot of other fitness business owners that Mike knew.

A few of these business owners reached out to him and asked if he could help them set up their own Facebook ads so they could start bringing in more business.

As soon as Mike set these first few clients up (using the same system he used for his own fitness coaching business)… they started getting a flood of new customers.

Mike quickly realized he had to make a pivot.

And while running his fitness business was giving him some decent income… it would be much more profitable to just shift all his focus on setting up these simple FB ad campaigns for the handful business owners he knew.

So, he too made a rash decision, and shut down his fitness business to pour all of his time, attention, focus and energy into building up his FB Side Hustle.

So just to recap,

here’s everything you’re getting today…

  1. The Complete FB Side Hustle Course (Value $1,000)
    1. Module #1: The Basics
    2. Module #2: The Funnel
    3. Module #3: The Ad
    4. Module #4: Facebook Assets
    5. Module #5: Walkthroughs
    6. Module #6: Best Practices
    7. Module #7: Troubleshooting Your Ads
    8. Module #8: Setting Yourself Up
    9. Module #9: Landing Your First Client
  2. Bonus #1: One FREE Month Of Coaching & Support In Our FBSH Coaching Community (Value: $47)
  3. Bonus #2: Mike’s 8-Question Client Call Script (Value: $197)
  4. Bonus #3: The Ultimate Lead Follow Up System (Value: $197)
  5. Bonus #4: Our Client Lead Tracking Automation System (Value: $97)

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Bobby Hoyt – Facebook Side Hustle Course Download Course for free


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