August 10, 2022

Charles Black – Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs Download Course FREE

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Discover the Prude-to-Porn Sex Cookbook, which will transform your bedroom into a freak show and put an end to bedroom dullness for good.

The first reason is that you don’t want your dick in a slow-moving cigar cutter.

You can’t fuck her in the same way every time. She will grow tired of sex with you.

You know what I’m talking about if it’s already happened.

If it didn’t, she’d eventually lose interest in sex. She may be patient and wait for the appropriate opportunity. She’d rather blame it on a child, a hectic career, or some other pseudo-psychological rubbish.

But in the end, it’ll be as if your dick was severed.

Reason #2: You don’t want to lose your desire to fuck her.

Let’s say something wonderful occurs, and you lose interest in sex before she does… This is a whole other issue.

You are not suffering from erectile dysfunction. Your dick, on the other hand, does not harden in the same way.

surah If it’s simple, quick, and the right time. You’re going to go for it.

Outside of that, you’ll find yourself watching porn with a wank.

Reason #3: She’ll refer to you as daddy.

Once you figure out her variant switch, she’ll rapidly transform into a foul-mouthed, ravenous little slut…

You want her to scream, beg, and plead. You want her to get down on her knees and plead with you while doing so…

Let me suck your dick daddy, please.

Reason #4: You desire true love and commitment.

She’ll be extremely drawn to you if you can constantly surprising her in the bedroom.

She admires you, looks up to you, and is completely enamored with you.

It’s like when she can’t take her hands off of you at first. With those glistening Bambi eyes, she glances at you.


Reason #5: Women seek for males who can educate them how to engage in sexual experimentation.

Women are curious about new experiences. However, most males are simply stupid, insecure, or untrained.

They have a strong desire for it. Fifty Shades of Gray was the most popular book in the planet!

I’m not joking at all.

(It would have been the best-selling book in history if it hadn’t been for the Bible, Quran, and Harry Potter.)

And you should know that 50 Shades of Gray is about a man who can take her by the wrist and lead her…

All women want for a man who is capable of doing so.

With my step-by-step instructions, you can be that man.

Reason #6: You’ll discover how to enrage her.

There’s a simple formula for getting a woman to try new things in the bedroom.

This is how it goes:

1. Make her horny more frequently.

I’ll show you how to use under-the-radar ways to gradually increase her arousal.

(She won’t even realize you’re doing it. She’ll just have an overwhelming desire to fuck you).

2. Encourage her to try new sex experiences.

I’ll show you how to do new things in a way that makes her want to try more things.

3. Play around with her.

I’ll show you step-by-step techniques for leading her down the rabbit hole of her own undiscovered sexual urges.

Reason #7: “You’ll be bending, banging, and binding that booty in any filthy way you want in a matter of days.”


Begin with the following:

Black’s Charles

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Charles Black, a little about me

With over 20,000 satisfied and loyal clients, Charles Black is one of the most well-known sex coaches in the world. Men around the world go to him for practical guidance on how to be a wonderful lover.

And, after being fired by big tech several times for delivering politically incorrect counsel, he continues to find new ways to spread the word.

What You Will Discover:

Module 1: Wild Bedrooms’ 6 Elements

How To Make A Sex Drive Elixir To Help You Get Out Of Bed

How to create your own bedroom blueprint so you know precisely what kind of sex to give her when and how to keep her turned on for you and only you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why even virgins and beginners can benefit from this sex drive potion to alleviate bedroom boredom.

How to “read” your partner’s “sexual thermometer” and utilize it to provide her with the specific type of sex she desires at the time.

Why do many intelligent, hardworking guys fail badly in the bedroom, while their slacker counterparts have unlimited kinky sex?

How one very typical blunder is to blame for her always being “tired” or “in the mood.”

The keys of making you irresistible to your lover by “leveraging” your daily interactions with her.

How to resurrect a dormant bedroom.

How to entice her to participate in BDSM, roleplaying, public sex, threesomes, anal, consensual non-consent, or any other sexual fantasy you’ve concealed.

Verbal Intimacy (Module 2)

Simple words that keep her mind occupied all the time

How to make her feel like a sexual being without harassing or objectifying her sexually.

The one thing a woman desires most from the man with whom she is in a relationship.

Find out what your woman’s sexual blueprint is (get it right and her oyster is yours, get it wrong and that clam slams shut).

One simple practice that makes her think more about sex with you (and like it).

How to infuse your daily conversations with your lover with a subtle but sexy undertone.

The three techniques to “ethically manipulate” your relationship to keep her turned on at all times.

Why does your lady never forget prior conflicts, and how can you use this to make her wet?

Module 3: Erotic Brief Contact

Smooth, ‘innocent’ touches keep her energized.

How most guys let their spouses’ fire fade, resulting in a lack of desire.

In a long-term relationship, you have to do a lot to keep your lover interested, but with this one approach, it’s as simple as watching a movie together.

The most effective method for increasing sexual desire and reducing drama in your relationship.

A tried-and-true list of little shows of affection that you can sprinkle throughout the day to increase her desire for you.

5 simple techniques to keep your interest in you alive.

How to return to the beginning of your relationship when you were both all over each other and she wanted to fuck you all the time.

Module 4: Activities to Induce Orgasm

How to get her to come over and boost her libido without breaking a sweat

The actual reason you keep hearing “I’m tired” excuses. How to get 3x more sex by fixing it.

How to get rid of all of the “hard lifting” in your sex life and live on easy street.

My “secret weapon” for convincing her that she owes you risky sex.

The golden rule for ensuring she is constantly satisfied.

11 Ingenious techniques to make her orgasm that will awaken the adventurous side of her brain and have her begging for more.

Module 5: Penetration of Short Duration

How to nonchalantly dump your load into a woman and provide her with a sexual encounter that will forever be tattooed in her imagination

Quickies and their importance in having a pleasant and satisfying sex life. And why the majority of men utilize them completely incorrectly.

How to take advantage of the inherent principles governing female libido.

To raise female libido and make you last longer, use the “pringles” approach.

The most crucial thing you should do every time you have sex with her is to make sure she is completely addicted.

A step-by-step guide to turning quickies into the most sexual, intense, and gratifying moments she’s ever had.

How to treat her like a whore while making her crave more.

How to get amazing public sex by using the first responder’s secret.

Module 6: Sex Experiments

How to have wild, experimental sex that makes her crave more

How you’re destroying your sex life by attempting marathons when you should be attempting 10ks.

How to stimulate her to the point when anything you bring into the bedroom is linked with ultimate pleasure.

The exact, undeniably, undeniably greatest way… to rapidly dry a vagina. This should be avoided at all costs.

The most important thing you can do right now to earn her respect is to adopt the following behavior. She wants to fuck you more the more she respects you.

How to bring any notion into the bedroom with complete confidence, even if the very mention of it makes you nervous right now.

How to go through her “slut defense” and sneak into any new sexual behavior.

The surefire technique to broaden her sexual comfort zone, making even things she’d previously declared “NEVER” palatable.

My best-kept secret for completely changing your sex life in one night (previously only shared with my private clients).

Did you think that was it?

nope You’ll also receive seven step-by-step instructions on the following topics:

role play


sex anal

oral sex

sex in public

Non-consent by Consensus


To draw her into these acts, these progressions are a ‘boil-the-frog’ approach. Every level has scripts and playbooks. It’s similar to the Don of Desire Method for Threesomes, BDSM, and Anal, among other things.

Reason #8 is as follows:

My methods are effective. Examine it for yourself.

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Launch Special for Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs

Reason #9: You can obtain access right now at a ridiculously low price.

Get Bedroom Boredom Solutions Right Now!

Get the entire course, which includes 9 video modules and 12 PDFs.

BDSM, Anal, Consensual Non-Consent, Roleplaying, Threesomes, and other topics are covered in detail.

24/7 accessibility All devices are supported.

The complete course is accessible for life.


Charles Black – Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs


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Charles Black – Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs Free Download Course


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