August 14, 2022

Daniel Throssell – Upwork in One Hour Download Course FREE

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Dear copywriter-who-stubbornly-insisted-on-reading-this-sales-letter,

If you are a copywriter who would like more clients … then this page is going to show you the best method I ever discovered for doing that.

See, I have created a course called…

And this course contains — from start to finish — the exact strategy I used to go from NO experience, NO credentials and NO earnings …

Here is what is inside the course:

(ie the amazing knowledge you could have in just ONE HOUR from when you are reading these very words)

A trick (which ONLY works on Upwork) for winning copywriting work even if you have literally never achieved a single thing as a copywriter (it’s how I got started …)

My full four-stage Upwork ‘career map’ for freelance copywriters (this is the first lesson in the course, and in many ways it’s all you need to know)

A back-door way to ‘spy’ on the proposals OTHER freelancers are sending in to try and win jobs (this can get unethical REAL fast, so I include a strong recommendation on where to draw the line)

How to instantly eliminate EVERY single other copywriter as ‘competition’ and become your client’s ONLY choice. (This strategy works off of Upwork, too!)

How to stand out even if you’re not the best at anything by using ‘niche stacking’

A 12-point template for writing one of the best profiles on Upwork in under 15 minutes. (This is one of the few times I will ever encourage you to use a template. But here, I’ve done all the thinking for you … simply fill it out with your own details and you’re good to go!)

My exact $$$ recommendations for what hourly rate to set!

A 7-point checklist for writing proposals that win work even if you have NEVER been paid to write a word of copy before

How to create a portfolio “on demand” in less than an hour if you have no samples

The exact “fake beard oil” proposal that won me my first-ever Upwork job within days of joining Upwork!

Why you should NEVER send your portfolio to a client (no exaggeration … and again, this is just as true OFF Upwork)

10 actual proposals I used to win Upwork jobs, with my commentary on each

My four-part pricing strategy for “magically” bidding almost the exact maximum amount the client is willing to pay — even if it’s well above the budget they actually posted!!! (Actual feedback on this one from a student: “It’s like I have a powerful chess move for every scenario a potential client would throw at me. Very cool.”)

How to make your proposal look dirt-cheap, even if it’s the most expensive one on the job

The four things you MUST tell your client after they reply to your proposal if you want to get hired. (Two are the cost and when you can get it done by. The other two are far less intuitive but even more important)

A simple line to include at the end of a message to a client that makes it almost neurologically impossible for them to feel ‘in charge’ of the interview. (Best of all, you can ‘reuse’ this line in multiple messages, and you’ll have even the most ‘alpha’ client acting like they are applying to work with YOU!)

My 9-step outline for running job interview calls with clients — even if you’re a shy introvert

Why you should NOT accept a client’s first job offer when they send it, EVER!!!

A condensed version of the actual market research questionnaire I used with clients (stolen from my expensive Market Detective course)

How to use a free online tool to ‘flip’ job interview calls so YOU ​​become the one interviewing the CLIENT! (This is an Upwork strategy I invented, and every single student I have taught it to has said it is pure genius … yet it’s almost so ‘obvious’, you will slap yourself for not having thought of it)

An 8-point checklist of what you must know before opening a contract

Sneaky techniques for delivering your copy so the client simply likes it more. (And no, it doesn’t involve FedExing the copy, or sending them wine … those things are awesome, but these techniques are all FREE.)

How to almost guarantee a gushing review after every project … and possibly even repeat work!

A trick for using Upwork to win copywriting work OFF Upwork — without getting banned! (Upwork has strict rules prohibiting taking your Upwork jobs off the platform … and they enforce them hard. But do what I tell you, and you will be fine.)

And way more (you’d be surprised at what I managed to fit into one hour)!

This is all in the “Hour of Power”, meaning it will take you just one hour to get through all this.

So you could take the course right now… and in theory, win your first job on Upwork tonight.

(I don’t think that’s super realistic, you’d have to be lucky to do it that almost, but it’s certainly possible. I won my first job within a week.)

But that’s not all I put in this course.

There is also a ‘bonus’ material section (once you’ve finished your ‘Hour of Power’) containing valuable advanced freelancing tips like …
How to get your Upwork account approved! This course includes the world’s most up-to-date and accurate information on getting an Upwork profile approved — from the world’s leading Upwork expert, Steven Alexander Young of C Tactics (the guy who taught ME Upwork).

A copy of my (now private) Upwork profile — “the most ripped-off copywriting profile on Upwork”. In terms of personal earnings, this is probably the single most profitable sales letter I have written in my entire career, and you cannot find it anywhere else (without trying to reconstruct it from my plagiarisers’ butchered attempts to adapt it ?


A full line-by-line breakdown of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ strategies I used in my profile (which contained some ‘traps’ designed so that anyone who plagiarized it was actually selling ME, even without mentioning my name!)

A LIVE look over my shoulder as I write a proposal in 2021 … priced 50% over the client’s budget … that gets a keen response from the client! (I only show you the proposal, since the reply came later, but the client was keen. I didn’t want the job though so I didn’t bother going further.)

2 ‘nuclear options’ for when you MUST win a job but you don’t have enough experience!

A behind-the-scenes look at how CLIENTS see your proposals — and how to use this fact to your advantage!

A breakdown of the best 81-word Upwork proposal I ever saw (which I received as a client) and how to model it for your OWN proposals.

How I used the search function to find jobs to win.

A FULL transcript (with my commentary) on how I negotiated and won a $12,000 copywriting job! This is a full, 11-page record of every single message from the client’s original message… to inking the contract. I show you how I made the client ‘prove’ himself to me … how I introduced my price … and how I even recovered after a monumental stuff-up that nearly cost me the job!

What to say if clients bring up your cheap work history and ask why you’re charging them more.

What to say if a client asks how quickly you can do the job.

A 5-point response framework for answering questions about experience you don’t have … without looking like a noob. (If a client asks “Have you ever written in this niche?” or “Can you show us any VSLs you’ve written before?” … just answer the way I show you and you’ll be fine.)

A ‘last-ditch’ message template you can use to revive cold leads. (It doesn’t always work … but it’ll give you your best shot!)

The ‘niche-hopping’ strategy for breaking into a niche that’s rife with competition, even when you’re new.

And more!
As you can see…there’s a LOT of gold in this course.


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Daniel Throssell – Upwork in One Hour Free Download Course


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