June 25, 2022

New Booming Strategy By Erik Hoffmann – Free Download Course


New Booming Strategy By Erik Hoffmann – Free Download Course

How Unknown Coaches and Course Creators Get 30+ NEW Customers / Week Using this NEW BOOMING Strategy Webinars & Lead Magnets are DYING.

The NEW BOOMING Strategy That Helps Unknown Coaches, Course Creators, and Experts! Get 1,000+ NEW Customers!

Before I explain the whole strategy to you…

Imagine this:

✅ What would it mean to you if you could stop wasting your time with organic social media marketing and chasing clients in DM?

✅ What if a new strategy could help you get 1,000+ new customers in a record time?

✅ How would your life change if you spent 2 weeks working on this strategy and then got MORE customers than ever before?

Phase #1:

Marketers test a new strategy.

There are many trials and errors, a lot of money wasted on marketing until they find the concept that works.

You don’t want to be in this phase.

Phase #2:

The strategy has been proven. And works.

Many entrepreneurs start using it and getting excellent results, especially in the first half of this phase.

You DEFINITELY want to be here!

Phase #3:
The ad cost is rising. The strategy is oversaturated; customers are getting used to this strategy and know exactly how it works. The conversion rates are going down.

It’s less and less and less profitable. Because it’s dying.

You don’t want to be here either.

Instead of This, You Can…
✅ START getting 40+ paying customers every single week and work only with the people who are willing to pay for your knowledge (and say bye, bye to freebie seekers)

✅ START promoting just a single piece of content (your mini offer) that will build your list of buyers (not freebie seekers) for FREE

✅ START running profitable ads with an “infinite” ad budget because revenue from your mini offer will cover all your ad spend without you being a Facebook ad guru

✅ START upselling your signature offer to your mini offer buyers automatically in less than 7 days so that you can get paid TWICE

✅ START filling up your course, mastermind, coaching program, or agency with your dream customers (because your mini offer will pre-qualify them)
The Mini Offer Success Path
Is Your Shortcut
Your shortcut from an idea to a profitable business without wasting time on social media content marketing, chasing clients with DMs, or trying to turn freebie seekers into paying customers.
STEP #1:
Your Blockbuster Idea
In this step, you will discover your mini offer blockbuster idea.

This is the most underestimated step in the whole success path.

Many entrepreneurs think that they can grab just an ordinary idea, start selling it, and it’s gonna be a blockbuster.

Nothing is further from the truth (which is why many people fail to sell their mini offer).
3 Necessary Ingredients of Blockbuster Idea
If you want to create a blockbuster mini offer, it has to be unique, simple, and result-oriented.

In the Mini offer Revolution Program, you’ll go through the Before/After Matrix that will help you find your uniqueness. Something that makes you different from anybody else in the market.

Then I’ll show you how to make it simple by converting your idea into a tool or resource. Honestly, people are sick & tired of the courses. They don’t want to learn more. They want to use a tool or resource that will help them to get the result.

And then… You’ll create the main result-oriented message that shows uniqueness and simplicity to your customers.
Real-Life BLOCKBUSTER IDEA Examples:
The best way to show you the difference between an ordinary and blockbuster idea is by showing you some book examples.

Because what works for books works for mini offers, too.
1) Atomic Habits Vs. Habits for Success
Both books are about habits. Based on the ratings, both books are amazing. The first one struggles to get sales while there are over 4-million copies of Atomic Habits sold.


It has a simple, result-oriented message: “Tiny changes, remarkable results.”

2) 4-Hour Workweek Vs. Delegate to Freedom
Both books are about outsourcing and delegating your work to set you free. Based on the ratings, both books are amazing. The first one struggles to get sales while there are 2.1 million copies of 4-Hour Workweek sold.


It has a simple, result-oriented message: “The 4-hour workweek.”

That’s the power of a blockbuster idea.

What works for books works for mini offers, too.

And I’ll help you to find your blockbuster idea in the Mini Offer Revolution Program.
The Goal of This Step:
You’ll have your blockbuster mini offer idea that is unique, simple, and result-oriented. Because the idea is 80% of success.
Yes! I Want this “Mini Offer Revolution Program”
For ONLY $27 (One-Time Payment)
STEP #2:
Your Idea
In this step, you’re going to presell your mini offer idea, get first customers and validate your offer by the REAL market.
Don’t Make the Same Mistake
Many Coaches & Course Creators Do:
They get an idea and spend 3-4 months creating a course
Then they spend 2 weeks preparing for a big launch
​Launch a course
0 sales. Nichts. Nada. ZERO.
They’re frustrated, don’t know why people don’t get it, and full of demotivation; they just want to throw in the towel.

It doesn’t have to be your story.
Don’t Risk ZERO Sales on a Launch Day
Save Your Time & Validate Your Idea FIRST

Presell your mini offer first, deliver content later.

Just create a simple 2-page funnel (sales page, thank-you page) and send your followers to your page via emails or social media posts.

Is It Even Possible to Presell My Course?
I know how you feel. When I heard the first time about this preselling idea, I was like:

“No way. It can’t work like this. Nobody will buy from me if they don’t know me.”

But here is the thing.
The Fact Is…
People Are Used to Preselling
Just look around.

How many times have you bought tickets to a concert, event, or seminar weeks before the event starts?

Tesla (the electric car manufacturer) does the same. Whenever they have a new model, they presell it first. People need to pay $1k, $2k, or $3k just to get on the waiting list and wait a year or 2 to get a car.

You can do the same with your course. I kept my presale period short (only 4 weeks), and people bought from me — even people who hadn’t heard of me before.
REMEMBER: Give People a Reason To Buy During a Presale Period

The Goal of This Step:
Fill out your
signature program.
5 Ways To Upsell
Your Signature Offer
There are 5 ways how to upsell your signature offer.
1) What Else Do You Have?
Some people will reach out to you on their own because they want more.

You overdeliver, so people naturally want more. And some of them will reach out to you.

Bellow is the example of just 2 people reaching out to me after buying my mini offer.

How would you feel if people were asking you what other program they could buy from you?

2) Ask Me for More
Many times you don’t need to overcomplicate the process of upselling. Especially when you’re just starting.

The simplest upsell method is just to put a call to action into your mini offer and tell your students:

“If you want to learn more, just send me an email.”

And, again… If you do a great job with your mini offer, people will reach out to you.

3) Book a Call
If you sale high-ticket coaching programs or services, the easiest way to upsell your signature offer is by sending people to book a call with you.

Mini offers can fill out your calendar without chasing clients in DMs or spending hundreds of dollars on booking appointment ads with a high no-show-up rate.

Because your mini offer has built huge trust between you and your customers, the sales call is usually just a formality.

4) Presell Your Signature Offer
If you don’t have any signature offer, you can presell it (what a surprise).

I did the same with my Simplelution Program.

Just give people a better price, and they would love to pay you even though your program isn’t available yet.

5) Sales Page
You can automate the process of upselling and send people to your sales page.

This exact sales page you’re currently reading is an example of how you can do it. This sales page is selling my Mini Offer Coaching Program for $297/month.

Here’s Everything You Need to Get 1,000+ Mini Offer Customers
1) On-Demand
Mini Offer Training
(35+ videos)
The shortest way to go from 0 to 1,000+ paying customers is by following the 5-step mini offer success path. The exact path that helped me to go from NOBODY to 1,584 paying customers in just 100 days.

In the Mini Offer Revolution Program, I’m gonna walk you through this 5-step success path. Actionable, doable, and realistic baby steps will help you build your customer base in record time.
(Value $297)
2) Before / After Sales Page Structure
Never ever write your copy from scratch. Because it’s hard.

Make it easier for yourself. Use the before/after-sales page structure to write a high-converting copy…

…even if you haven’t written a copy before.
(Value $97)

3) Low Budget,
Low-Risk Ad Strategy
Scared of risking money on ads?

Inhale… Exhale… And calm down.

This low-budget, low-risk strategy for ad newbies covers your back. Just follow the process and start getting sales without risking a fortune.

You don’t need thousands of dollars just to test your mini offer (as it is necessary with webinars or high-ticket offers).

All you need is to start with $10 or $20/day.

Once sales start coming to you (we usually get the first sales on the first day), the revenue from your mini offer sales will cover your ad spend. So you don’t need to pay for ads from your own pocket.

If you haven’t run ads yet or failed, don’t worry! I’ll give an exact step-by-step tutorial on setting your first (or next) winning ad in Facebook ad manager.
(Value $97)
Bonus #1:
From 0 to 35k:
A Pre-sale Case Study
There’s nothing better than seeing a real live example of the Presell First strategy in action.

I’ll show you how I grew my Cook Your Copy mini offer from 0 to 35k in 4 weeks.

I’ll show you the exact sales page we used, the AB tests we run, and the successful (and unsuccessful) ads we launched.

From 0 to 35k. Everything.
(Value $197)
Bonus #2:
Refund Eliminator
Use these 2 easy-to-implement hacks to cut your refund rate by 50% and make your customers eager to get your course…


Your buyers are excited, and you save a ton of money.
(Value $147)


On-Demand Mini Offer Training (value $297)
Before / After Sales Page Structure (value $97)
​Low Budget, Low Risk Ad Strategy (value $97)
​From 0 to 35k: A Pre-sale Case Study (value $197)
​Refund Eliminator (value $147)
All Bonuses (value $$$$)


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