July 2, 2022

Rewired Master Psychology Program By FalconFX Trading – Free Download Course

Rewired Master Psychology Program By FalconFX Trading – Free Download Course By Mark Hutchinson

The exact mindset strategies that have allowed Mark to regularly profit & scale from the Forex markets.


Why Are You Reading This…
(And Do You Think It’s A Coincidence?)
So you’ve followed the blueprint, learned the strategy (maybe a few different ones), learned the technicals, the fundamentals, the indicators , you’ve done everything your mentors have told you to do, and you’re still not able to get into the blue?

Well listen up…

First off, don’t be hard on yourself because you’re not alone. If you are not regularly profiting from the markets there are a magnitude of reasons why that might be. In this program we are going to focus on the most important topic. The one that most trading gurus tend to avoid…your MINDSET

“If it were only about the technicals every trader would be successful” -Mark

Being a seasoned trader I am sure you have heard the famous line “90% of traders will lose 90% of their account in 90 days”

Well, why is it that most traders lose, and continue to lose long after they’ve learned the perfect strategy, uncovered the best indicators, or received education from the best FX mentor?

The short answer is because your success has very little to do with the technicals or fundamentals, and everything to do with your mindset. Why? Because the same thinking that got you to where you currently are, is not the same thinking that will allow you to uncover the next level of your trading and life.

Something tells me that you understand this which is why you are looking for solutions to become a conscious trader who optimally manages their mental state while trading. For that reason I salute you. It takes a level of self-awareness to leave your ego at the door and take 100% responsibility for your results. Those who blame everything and everyone and neglect to take responsibility usually are the ones part of the 90% failure rate statistic.



The 7 Core Principles
We have packed ten years worth of trading experience & working with 7000+ students into these 7 core principles

Module 1:
The Golden Rule
This module will help you tackle the root cause of why most traders failed, and how they fall into the 95% that just keep on losing.

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Module 2:
The Flow Zone
This module will help you identify and maximize the opportunities of getting into the zone while you trade. Your Flow Zone Score™ will help you immensely with flowing in and out of the market with ease and enjoyment.

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Module 3:
The Conscious Trader
Most traders don’t believe their trading problems are the result of the way they think about trading. This module will help you identify and decimate mental blocks and challenges that hinder your progress.

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Module 4:
The Rewired Formula
Thoughts by themselves are not that powerful. But, when combined in the right equation a miraculous synergy formulates. In this module you will learn this formula and how to maximize it in your day on and off the charts

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Module 5:
Self Image Correction
Images are mental pictures created by the mind. They are not true “reality”. They are created images that you accepted to be true from past experiences. In this module you will learn how to correct any of your limiting beliefs

Module 6:
The Secrets of Affirmation
If there isn’t absolute harmony between what you believe, say, think and feel you (by universal law) are pushing your goals further away. In this module you will learn the power of words and how to keep them congruent with your life desires.

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Module 7:
Rewired Momentum Cycle
Just like a freight train, getting moving is difficult, but once it picks up momentum it’s almost impossible to stop! Your life is the same way. Our objective with this module is to help you identify the key components of the Momentum Cycle and use to your advantage

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Wait! It’s not done yet!

Additional Training Modules
New video based trading psychology topics released regularly that will help you cement and refine your mindset!

Welcome to Rewired Additional Training
Added onto the Rewired audio experience we have developed an extra layer of hand picked video training topics designed to help you in all areas of your trading psychology

Module 1:
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the biggest mental hurdles you have to overcome in order to become a successful trader….

Module 2:
Dealing with Anxiety in Trading
You have to learn how to control the emotions that come with trading in a way that doesn’t harm your trading results and keeps you even keel for the long-term!

Module 3:
Why Friends and Family Can Hold You Back
Remember those close to you always want what’s best for you and it’s natural for them to be scared of something they don’t know too much about.

Module 4-10:
Coming Soon
Additional video content focused on optimizing your mind, productivity and lifestyle will be added regularly to the Rewired Dashboard.


When You Enroll Today
Here Is What You’re Going to Get:

7 Core Training Modules (Audio)
Almost a dozen years worth of trading experience, and self-discovery combined with interacting with 7000+ students into these 7 core training principles
Value: £1500

10 Additional Training Modules (Video)
Hand picked video topics focused on the most common challenges traders face as they bulletproof their mindsets and scale their accounts. Videos will be added regularly
Value: £1000

Rewired Study Guide
The Rewired Study guide is a blueprint and breakdown of the core training modules. Almost 100 pages of value-driven and actionable content
Value: £100

Private Discord Group [NOT INCLUDED]
Surround yourself with likeminded traders as you Rewire yourself and grow into the best version of yourself. Regular live interactions will take place in the private group
Value: Priceless


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