June 25, 2022

Rich Chick Mastermind By Katrina Ruth – Free Download Course

Rich Chick Mastermind By Katrina Ruth – Free Download Course

Rock the Rest of this year and Beyond, Live with Kat and Our Brand New 12 Month RICH CHICK FOUNDATIONS Coaching Program!

Yes! Join Today for 12 Months of LIVE Coaching with Katrina Ruth, Your Place in Our BRAND NEW Rich Chick Foundations Coaching Program, AND Nab a Sweet 98% Off Full Price! This offer ENDS Midnight EST Monday 12th July!

I’m so excited to officially introduce and invite you to what is the most holy WOW addition EVER to The Katrina Ruth Show and our fabulous membership, The Rich Chick Mastermind!

Let’s be honest …

The Rich Chick Mastermind is already THE place to be online for driven women entrepreneurs who just want MORE, and know that it’s available …

It’s already THE place to work with me and be coached live by me as well as supported by my Kat Coaches if you know you wanna make MORE money, faster, doing what you love … (you will be assigned your very own Kat Coach to reach out to anytime, and that is in ADDITION to your live coaching with Kat!)
It’s already THE hottest community on the ‘net for badass revolutionaries and messengers who know who they freakin’ ARE, and are ready to be it …
It’s already THE place to activate that fire and gold you KNOW you gotta let out …
It’s already THE place where (*insert shock face emojis*) you receive FREE access to every.single.new or live program, course, workshop and more that I launch outside of the Rich Chick Mastermind (yep, the stuff you’d pay up to 3k a month for if you weren’t a Rich Chick!) …
​It’s already THE place with the MOST superflow and game-changing and INSTANT switch flicking live trainings and Q&A’s …
It’s already THE place where you receive my entire $4,999 Multi-Millionaire Home-Study University when you join, as a yours to keep forever free bonus …
It’s already THE place where going VIP unlocks a $45,000 dashboard of every course I ever PREVIOUSLY created (plus savings, and more!) …
​It’s already the place I could fill about 1000 pages of what it is with! But I’ll stop there, because I want to now tell you THIS, which is that it is now ALSO the place where you receive (included in your membership!) my BRAND NEW 12 month Rich Chick Mastermind Foundations Coaching Program!!
12 months.

You and me.

To take you step by step and week by week, PLUS live support you, through every thing you need to know, understand, integrate, implement, and BECOME, when it comes to creating your soul led biz and life!

I have NEVER done anything like this before!

And I’m so super-psyched and proud to get to do this with and for you!

This is in ADDITION to everything I mentioned above and everything which is already part of our incredible Rich Chick Mastermind! This is my way of making it EVEN easier and more clear-cut for you to know what to do, learn, dive into and create, and when and how to do it, regardless of where you are starting from right now!



Enough chit chat, let’s get down to some details! Here is What We’ll Be Covering in your Rich Chick Mastermind Foundations as part of your journey in The Rich Chick Mastermind!

Month One: Where Money Comes From
There are solid principles of where money comes from, which, as I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, FAR transcend simply ideas of ‘what you need to sell or how to sell it in order to get paid’.

​The truth is that money comes from a mixture of your expectations, your connectedness to the innermost part of you who already ‘of course’ receives like that, owning the work you are here to do, understanding sales and marketing the YOU way, and so much more besides.

​I’ve created over $20,000,000 PERSONALLY received just in THIS business because … and helped thousands and thousands of clients to hit their 6, multi 6, 7, multi 7, and even 8-figure income goals because … I learned where money really comes from, I learned how to be in the beautiful ‘of course’ dance of receiving. This is one of my favourite areas to guide you into! And the perfect focus for our Month One Rich Chick Foundations!
Month Two: The Needle Movers of a Soul-Led Biz
Exactly as it says. There are SO many things to consider … maybe!! … when it comes to creating business from soul. For myself and my clients it is and ever becomes an effortless ‘knowing’. I don’t think about what to do and it just automatically happens. This is why business at this level feels so easy for me. But obviously, that is grounded in years of learning what works. How to work it. How to put first things first. How to stay the course. And so on!

This month I’ll be working with you to help you identify what the TRUE needle movers are for you, and to activate that part of you who shows up for ’em!
​Month Three: Unveiling Your Message and Soul Work
YOWEEE, this is so good, SO fun, and let’s be honest, so freakin’ needed to dive ALL the way into! Wanna know the two main reasons born for it soul-led creators do NOT do the damn thing?

​1) They don’t feel that their message or soul work is fancy or ‘tangible’ enough, they don’t know how to articulate what it really is or what they really do in a way that people will pay for it

​2) They don’t give themselves permission

​This month we sort out both of these would-be blocks. And get you ALL the way into unapologetic FULL yes and flow around exactly what you’re here to share with the world, and exactly how to share it.
​Month Four: Success Mindset, and Becoming the Leader Now
Let’s be honest: success is not about what you do, it’s who you ARE, who you choose to BE, and even more than that?

​It’s simply what you choose, decide, expect, and ALLOW. Regardless of your own fears, doubts, uncertainties.

​I and my clients have success across all areas of life because of what we CHOOSE, and because of understanding and living into what it really means to back that choice and live from it.

​It is NOT what we do … or even who we be. These things are obviously relevant. But make no mistake: success is a mindset, and nothing more. There is so much powerful work for us to dive into together this month!
​Month Five: Product and Offer Creation
Everything you need to know, understand, and implement relevant to packaging and monetizing TF outta what’s in you. Includes ENDLESS templates, examples, case studies you can ‘make your own’, PLUS the mindset side of getting out of your own way and simply showing up for the successful packaging and monetization of your work!
​Month Six: Daily | Weekly | Monthly Hustle Flow
This is less about productivity and ‘what to do’ … (even though it is that), and more about how to always be in the ebb and flow of what IS. How to instinctively know the moves to make. How to hold tension until the moment you are MEANT to release it, and act. How to get the MAXIMUM return with only the PERFECT input of effort, time and focus. And also how to consistently move forward on the things that get to make up your daily flow, whilst also letting the bigger picture things come to life.

​Basically, how to be the person whilst feeling as though every single day is just flow and ease!
​Month Seven: Selling Through Being
Sales is something you GET to back yourself in doing, with full badassery and ownership of OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BUY AND HERE’S WHY, but also? It’s something that gets to just become part of you.

If I’m breathing … I’m pretty much selling, and / or something I created is going out into the world and selling for me, like a good little Kat soldier.

This month I will build on everything we’ve already done up til now around selling, doing so from the place of soul certainty that OF COURSE YOU GET TO BE PAID … BEYOND HIGHLY … doing so from a place of knowing that what is IN you gets to go live and breathe and receive even when you are having those human AF moments we all have!

The greatest beauty of this work? You get to sell like an absolute soul led sales QUEEN, and? You get to do so without really feeling like you’re doing much at all except for flowing in the beautiful dance of being YOU.
​Month Eight: Launch Secrets Revealed
​My best.
​ALL my best.
​Plus every single in and out.
​Down to the DOT point.
​Multi 8-figures created online launch secrets, strategies, hacks, and most of all effortless FLOW.
​The strategy / structure side of things –
​AND of course the inner game / being the person side of things.
​PLUS case studies, examples, templates of every different part of launching you can think of.
​All based on the HUNDREDS of launches big and small I have personally run over the years,
​plus the best of what I have seen my highest earning from soul clients achieve through our work together!

​And that’s just for starters!
​Month Nine: Automated Income
One of my all time favourite things about making the monies online, and having this here EPIC soul flow business where I get to let what’s in me out, make an impact AND get paid??

​The getting paid bit doesn’t depend on my daily, or even weekly, or even at ALL, ‘having’ to show up.

​I show up as and when it’s the vibe to do so, as and when it’s where I want to focus my self, and regardless I get PAID. The only thing I regret about laying down multiple ways to create AUTOMATED and recurring income flow is that I waited 5 years into my online biz to do so, because I thought it was too scary or hard! Lemme tell you:

​it is not.
​What it IS, is simply another area to get to attend to and understand. Which is exactly what we’re going to do!
​Month Ten: LEVERAGING Your Assets
Continuing on from our focus on automation, this month I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of a fully leveraged business and YOU, in a multitude of ways!

– ​Leverage your money flow ever more
– Leveraging your messaging and content
– Leveraging your sales and marketing
– Leveraging social media so that it works FOR you
– Leveraging time and space so that THEY work for you (yep, we going supernatural and quantum here! Of course!)
– Leveraging, well, basically any and all things that you feel SHOULD work for you. Because if you feel it? You’re feeling something you’re being shown. And what you are shown is real. So let’s make it so!
​Month Eleven: Principles of Receiving
Maybe my favouritest and the bestest one yet. We will play in the space where everything you dream of and desire already exists, and I’ll show you precisely how to snap it from ‘there’, from being the stuff of your dreams and one day fantasies into, well, being where it damn well should be.


​And? We’ll talk what it really takes to fully open the portals of receiving in all the ways you desire to and know you SHOULD. The even better bestest bit? This stuff is SO freaking fun!
​Month Twelve: Advanced Wealth Creation
Where else would we finish our RICH CHICK FOUNDATIONS except with Advanced Wealth Creation strategies to help you get even MORE out of what you’re creating, and to ensure that this incredible work coming out of you is gettin’ out into the world in the exact expansive way it should be?!

​This month we will not only be feeling into how it gets to look when you truly expect continual money growth and TRUE wealth creation (financial and otherwise), and when you create from that expectation. We will also be looking at some of my favourite practices and choices around building wealth beyond just your business!

​I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through all of this as much as I’ve enjoyed creating the vision of it for you, and as much as I know we’ll enjoy working through it together! It’s such a beautiful feeling to know what it will give you, your business, and your money flow, to implement this work and to allow it to be integrated into those deepest parts of you.

​One of the things which excites me most is not only that we get to through the Foundations work this way, and give each area it’s entire month of attention, but that we also continually, within our day to day Rich Chick Mastermind flow and learning, dive in and out of all these areas! Our monthly live masterclass, our monthly Q&A, your continual access to so much through other courses I am running or your Rich Chick Home Study University … PLUS our live Facebook group … all means that no matter what, you are always receiving what you need, and you always have the opportunity to go deeper with areas that feel most relevant for YOU! Rich Chick Foundations is the structure which supports the daily flow and beautiful madness dance of doing business from soul. The way it should be. And the way we ONLY let it be, here in the Rich Chick Mastermind!


How Rich Chick Foundation Works!
Every week you will receive your Rich Chick Foundations ‘Focus and Flow’ lessons. You’ll have a deep dive audio or video training to set the tone for your week ahead,

accompanying homework and ‘flow actions to take’,

mindset, inner game and ‘identity switch flicking’ work + journal prompts,

and of course your very own Kat Coach right there to reach out to anytime you need!

In addition to your Rich Chick Foundations lessons and support, you will receive everything that goes hand in hand with being a Rich Chick Mastermind member!
LIVE coaching support with Kat via our live Q&As / hotseats in the group
​LIVE Facebook group support with Kat and our Kat Coaches in our very activate and engaged community
​A brand new LIVE deep dive masterclass each month on a topic Kat feels most relevant for the ‘now’ of soul-led entrepreneurship
​A follow on workbook to guide you into implementation, integration, and ACTIVATION from that masterclass
​A brand new LIVE masterclass each month with a wildly successful soul-led friend or client of Kat’s
​Monthly Rich Chick Mastermind journaling work
​Access to every single new live group course, launch, program, workshop and more that Kat sells outside of The Rich Chick Mastermind, to the tune of up to $3000 per month actual additional value. Yes, that’s right – Kat’s Rich Chicks get it ALL included!
​Become a Rich Chick Mastermind VIP today and unlock Kat’s entire previous dashboard of courses, workshops, intensives and more – a total of over $45,000 of actual value ad including EVERY coaching course, program and more she ever created!!
98% total discount when you join today!
Here’s What Will Happen After You Join!
As soon as you join the Rich Chick Mastermind you’ll receive an invite to join our private badass and very active FB community, and be given immediate access to the Ultimate Home Study University, valued at $4999, where you’ll be able to take your pick from over 135 Videos / 7 Audios / 84 PDFs / + Workbooks!

You’ll also receive your first months access to Rich Chicks Foundation Coaching Program valued at $9999, as well as be assigned your very own Kat Coach! Your Kat Coach will reach out to you personally via email make sure you have all you need and support you during your time inside of The Rich Chick Mastermind.


Access to any live courses, workshops and programs that I’m running, as well as any up coming masterclass intensive trainings, hotseats and Q&As happening in the group!

All of it is coming your way as soon as you say yes to officially becoming a Rich Chick and joining the net’s hottest place for the driven badass who wants to make MORE money online, faster, by doing what they love and BEING WHO THEY FULLY ARE.


More About How Being a Rich Chick Works!

Your Rich Chick Foundations, as outlined above, is designed so that regardless of where you’re beginning your Rich Chick journey from, you are taken through exactly what you need to know, do and become, and exactly how to drop in, activate, become and DO it, in an only flow and soul way, to go deeper into the biz, money and YOU you know is there for you, now!

Email, PM or talk to your very own Kat Coach anytime you need direction on your coaching or work, on which training or Kat course is best for you to dive into next, or you just want to reach out beyond our already wildly interactive and supportive Facebook group!

The foundation of The Rich Chick Mastermind is that each month I run a brand new Rich Chick’s only intensive LIVE within the mastermind. These intensives are NOT available for sale to the public, and are created solely for the mastermind as a point of focus and growth for that month.

We also have a monthly live Q&A hotseat video with me, the opportunity to ask and receive ANYTHING from me in terms of personalised support and feedback on your next steps in biz and life. This is an amazing time to connect, and get specific feedback on what it is you most need help around!

Becoming a Rich Chick means having ongoing support from myself, my #KatNinjas plus you’re part of our 24/7 VERY active Facebook – all of this helps with motivation accountability as well as support to keep your mindset in gear and your ass in action!

You’ll be receiving weekly guided journal prompts, meditations, dream biz and life creation audio trainings and worksheets. These are next level and just another way of keeping you moving closer towards your dream biz and life as well as helping you stay on top of your mindset, alignment and overall connection to self. We want all Rich Chicks feeling the best about themselves and their life, and these weekly tools are key for achieving that.

A monthly featured expert masterclasses to help you learn and take action on areas YOU desire to grow in (pssst these are AMAZING, I truly do have the best clients and friends; I’m often jaw on the floor wowed by what gets taught in these!).

Access to an entire mastermind of like-minded new friends, JV partners, collaborators and merry-makers –

In short THE most lit, engaged and compell-you-to-MF-purpose-passion-flow place on the ‘net, where you get and KEEP your sweet ass in alignment and massive freakin’ action and can no longer EVER run from yourself –

And of course all content is recorded, and yours to keep for life,

plus 24/7 access to the (very active!) Facebook community where my team and I hang out, help you, have fun, and keep you on path to doing what you’re here to do!

And –

As a Rich Chick Mastermind member you now receive access to ALL my new live launches, courses, workshops, programs, classes and more, which are typically sold to the public for anywhere between $200 and thousands of dollars!

The average cost of a new live offer is $600. And I often launch or release multiple new courses or classes or home-study programs each month! I have done this for WELL over a decade … and I ain’t stopping.

I love to create. And what I love even more is having a place which is THE hangout for equally driven badasses, and where I can share all of my courses and teachings in a way that is INSANE value!

This is why, as a Rich Chick Mastermind member, you get it all. You will never have to pay again for a live offer! You’ll be receiving EVERYTHING I create live, and all included in your membership! Previously our Rich Chick Mastermind members often purchased our live launch courses SEPARATELY, because hey – they wanted it all. So, we did what we do and decided there was a way we could give you even MORE value, all in, to make Rich Chick even MORE the place to be!


Get Your Place in The Rich Chick Mastermind Today and ALL the Value You Receive as an Inaugural New Member, and Get THE Most Insane Bonus Ever …
My ENTIRE $4,999 ‘Ultimate Home Study University’ FREE! (Strictly Limited Bonus Offer When You Join Today! Immediate FULL Access!)
Fully understand the work that I do and how I turn the MADNESS and the crazy into an online empire
​What that looks like day to day, exactly what you need to do and every little bit of how to do it
​The strategy, the content, the leveraging, the growth AND the wildest inner game side of it all so you can literally pick and choose ANY area you desire to see rapid change in, and get to work – fully supported
​A complete resource library – everything in one place to create your own soul-led empire
​My favourite and most game-changing trainings, tutorials from YEARS of online teaching!
​Hands down the highest value bonus I have ever offered – even on a FULL price offer, let alone a trial offer!
​135 deep dive video trainings, 7 deep dive audio training, 84 worksheets, mini workbooks and PDFs
​Immediate access when you join today – to all of it!
​The most #nobrainer offer of the decade!


Here are some examples of the kinds of monthly in-house only intensives we’ve run in the Rich Chick Mastermind!

We’ll tap into the power of your TRUE message, the calling that lies deep within you and we will let that baby FLY. This means – defining the mysterious. Your calling, your purpose, your MUST is something that right now feels impossible to sell or perhaps even fully EMBODY because you haven’t allowed it to consistently be part of your real WORLD. I’ll show you precisely how to take your PURPOSE and define it in a way that you can proudly shout it to the world and that PEOPLE WANT TO PAY YOU TO HELP YOU WITH IT.

Life? It’s now baby. And you KNOW you got to press play if you truly want to be LIVING it now. This means complete and brutal HONESTY about what you really want, and who you’re here to be. I’ll help you PAINT A VISION (not literaly painting, lol, unless you want to!) of the one day future you NOW choose to create.

There’s no more time left to keep living the wrong life. And there is not a SINGLE excuse you can muster up that’s good enough to delay or sabotage for even another moment. I’ll work with you on a personalised plan for action that you KNOW you can commit to, that suits your ULTIMATE lifestyle desires, and that allows you to start LIVING that one day life now.

Seriously, you gotta get your shit together here. The social media, the faffing around, the overwhelm, the massive task list that NEVER FREAKING ENDS? You are KILLING your dreams with this shit. And I for one have had ENOUGH of it. You too? Good. So let’s get to WORK. I can honestly say I get more done before BREAKFAST than most entrepreneurs and creators do in a week and maybe even a month. I launch more, faster, easier, and I do it all while traveling the world endlessly as a single AND solo Mama. I work only when and how I desire, and to be honest it never feels like work, not in the way most people think of. It’s me just doing what I ADORE, and WANT to! I do ONLY what I love and am freaking AWESOME at. It’s not this way because I can now AFFORD to, I can AFFORD to because I learned to MAKE it this way. Your turn now.

Life should be FUN, it should be a BLAST, it should be a RUSH. If you’re not waking up daily EXCITED TO BE ALIVE and SO damn passionate about just getting to be you then WE GOT PROBLEMS. And we’re going to fix ’em. The truth is that your energy, your state of mind, your emotions, even your mental focus depend upon you being on TRACK. You don’t need a freaking caffeine hit (although I’ll take it!) you need a freaking LIFE hit. It is MORE than possible for you to live every day with absolute passion, it just requires a RUTHLESS commitment to being you and ignoring the distractions of the shoulds and rules of this world. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You know what flow is, right? It’s when it ALL feels AMAZING. When creating is just so EASY. When you LOSE yourself in your work. When everything is just SEAMLESS. When you have CERTAINTY in your heart and in your soul that you are on path, that you’re doing what you’re meant to do in the WAY you’re meant to do it, and that the money, the fame, the lifestyle, ALL of it is AN ABSOLUTE SURE THING. The only way to LIVE this way is to STOP living from fear, from should, from uncertainty. This is something you can CHOOSE. I’ll show you how.

Your every reality is a product of what you think. You can choose whatEVER you want in life, and you ALREADY DID. So if we’re going to transform your external world, we need to transform your internal world first.

I’ll share with you can guide you through the exact processes I continue to use DAILY to create the mental state and personal power needed for me to continue ALLOWING in the money, the joy and the lifestyle I desire, as well as how I deal with those days where everything just seems F&*KED and I can’t seem to get my shit together. Speaking of which –

We’ll be deleting, delegating or finally just DOING everything that’s currently hanging over you and slowing you down, causing you to move OFF purpose even just by a little bit. If you want to fly you HAVE to let go of the excess baggage!

You will NEVER create true wealth from a place of the wrong service. Financial wealth but also happiness / fulfilment / JOY wealth. Living on purpose and with daily passion and flow is not just a NICE thing to have or allow yourself, it is ESSENTIAL to you being able to create the business, the money, and the LIFESTYLE you desire. Let’s make this HAPPEN.
It’s time to say yes to bringing what’s inside of you to life, and to making MORE money online, faster, by being fully you and doing what you love! It’s time to join The Rich Chick Mastermind!
Now here is where it gets really REALLY good.

Not only is The Rich Chick Mastermind THE place for you to coach and mastermind live with Kat (me!) and be surrounded by other badass entrepreneurs, leaders and creators who are doing the damn thing of being who they came here to be (and creating epic success doing so) …

Not only is it the place where we go deep into the mindset, the inner game, the spiritual and supernatural side of purpose-led business AND into the strategy and ambitious AF growth side of money and biz …

Not only is it the place where we also dive in to ALL the things outside of biz, that obviously affect our biz … and basically work day in and day out on ALL things ‘being fully you’, in all areas of your life, because you KNOW you can have it all …

Not only is it the place where you will truly learn to embody being ‘unavailable’ for anything EXCEPT what you see inside of you …

But it is ALSO the place where, as a member, you receive AUTOMATIC access to ALL my live launches, classes, programs, workshops, and intensives which I run outside of our mastermind, and which the public pays for, often up to as much as 10x as much as what you will pay in your monthly Rich Chick Mastermind membership!

Yep! This is what I am ADDING in for 2021 (and onwards), because ‘the’ dream I’ve always had?

A space where it’s just all of my products and courses. All of the time. Being in my environment. And having unlimited access to all of what I create and launch and run and teach! Which, if you know me – is often a couple, and minimum one, new courses or workshops and so on each month.

And now? We have that place!

So is the Rich Chick Mastermind for you?

Well … if you’re the sort of can’t stop won’t stop has something in her to unleash at the world sort of badass I think you are … who also refuses to follow the rules and knows that NOBODY knows better than her what is right for her … I’d so so! But sure. Let’s break it down just a little bit more.


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