August 14, 2022

Seller Specialist Program (Smart Real Estate Coach) Free Download Course

Smart Real Estate Coach - Seller Specialist Program

Smart Real Estate Coach – Seller Specialist Program

Want An Easy, Fast Path To Your First Deal…
Without Feeling Intimidated Or Over Your Head?

OK, we get it.

We do so many real estate deals, that to us…going through all the steps is just second nature.

But, we haven’t forgotten how, trying to complete our very first transaction, was not quite so seamless.

Especially because we had to figure out so many details and techniques on our own with no useful help.

So for us, not really knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, not only slowed the deal down…
but made us feel uncomfortable, anxious and intimate.

Honestly, we would have given a couple limbs to have a proven expert walk us through all the steps and show us what we were doing right…and even more important…what we were doing wrong.

So did we make mistakes? yes Did we get past it and plow ahead to complete the transaction? yes

And now, years later…we haven’t forgotten one lick of the fear, worries and intimidation we faced on that initial deal.

Now-a-days, one of the most common questions we get is always something along the lines of:

How Quickly Do You Think I Can Get My First Deal?

Well, because we always try to remember where we came from, never forgetting how things can seem overwhelming at the beginning of your new business and life of financial freedom…

We recently launched The Seller Specialist Program!”

Here’s the deal. Chris built the business on his own, spending years going through the painful trial and error learning curve, moving from an inexperienced newbie to a top performing pro. Then he began to scale it up to larger levels with help from family.

Chris documented and taught them all the lessons, stumbles, systems, checklists…everything he learned from real success that he developed over the years.

Then after Chris showed the family the ropes they were able to easily and quickly take over his roles and scale the business up big time!

the Seller Specialist is one such role.

It was filled by Chris’s son-in-law Zach who now does all the buying for their company. This program includes the how, what, when and exact pathway so that you can become the Seller Specialist…predictably bringing on properties on your own!

Or if you choose, creating a new position with this exact training to hand off to your new day-to-day management person.

Here’s What You Get From This Remarkable Short Cut Of Short Cuts To Your First Deal:

5 DVDs and 150 pages includes:

  • All types of lead generation materials including providers, services, etc. as well as automation of all your lead gene activities.
  • Diversifying your lead flow so you’re never relying on one source, while still minimizing your expenses.
  • Running your entire business on $400-$1000 monthly overhead, with the realistic ability to create a 7 – figure business from scratch without feeling intimidated or nervous.
  • Specific scripts, forms and processes to confidently speak with sellers and, most importantly, secure and/or purchase multiple properties each and every month.
  • Deciphering and screening leads for proper deal structure.
  • Setting appointments, properly prequalifying sellers and conducting a proper walk through with done-for-you forms and checklists.
  • Proper deal structuring options and alternatives anyone can easily follow with formulas, spreadsheets and forms.


  • All our legal forms and agreements.
  • Mastermind calls on a thumb drive so you can listen to Associates around the Country who are doing deals with us.
  • Extra deal deciphering videos.
  • Deal Structuring Training – Real Deals Broken Down Into Simple To Understand Format.
    1. The sales process for real estate investing.
    2. Live role playing with the team handling regular scripts, commonly asked questions and more.

Remember, because we’re in the field doing deals, we are able to bring you the newest, greatest ideas, contacts, adjustments to forms and checklists for high efficiency and protections, brain storms, lessons and more.

Want to do your first deal without feeling like your way over your head?

Here’s what Don has to say about the Seller Specialist Program:

“This program is helping me now transition from me being the Seller Specialist to me scaling my business”

“After working in the corporate world as an engineering manager, I was looking for an alternative and found an opportunity in stocks and real estate around the mid 1990’s. I had always heard that real estate was the way to wealth. So after several purchases of late night infomercials and a collection of books and tapes over the years that filled up my book case in addition to a handful of mentors, I was looking for something different and a mentor that I could shadow so to speak. I stumbled along and did a couple of deals myself not knowing what in the world I was doing and had some costly mistakes.

A few life hiccups and career changes was the key driver to get out of the rat race and set something up for my kids to run someday. I searched and spoke with many gurus for over a year and found Chris and his family team with SmartRealEstateCoach. We had a good conversation about what I was looking for and details on how the coaching program would work and signed up for full coaching soon after that call. A month or so in, I realized that I wasn’t ready for full coaching and needed help as I was working full time so I jumped over to the JV Program (Associate Member as it’s called now).

Now working with Chris and his family team very part time for about a year and helped, we have closed 5 deals and have 8 more under agreement and many more in the funnel. We communicated almost on a daily basis when I started and followed the coaching advice and stayed the course. I followed the scripts, listened to audios, and just did what I was told and if I ran into any roadblocks, Chris and team were there to help assist and guide and if needed, jumped on 3-way calls to discuss and iron out any details with our sellers.

I have learned a lot in a very short timeframe on how to setup a business, handle seller leads, negotiations, contracts, attorney’s, etc. and that has given me the confidence today that I did not have when I started. In addition, with Chris following up with phone calls, texts, emails, and holding me accountable, if forces me to perform and break through any barriers that you may have.

If you follow the system and do what you are supposed to do and not reinvent the wheel, you will fail forward and can’t help but create profitable deals and ongoing paydays. This program is helping me now transition from me being the Seller Specialist to me scaling my business and putting someone in that role. great progress”.

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Seller Specialist Program (Smart Real Estate Coach) Download Course for free


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