July 2, 2022

The Entity Establishment MasterMind By Jimmy Kelley – Free Download Course

The Entity Establishment MasterMind By Jimmy Kelley – Free Download Course

Jimmy Kelley is a highly accomplished SEO expert that brought Domain Authority Stacking (DAS) to the market. Along with many other techniques Jimmy is an expert in Local, National and international rankings as well as penatly recovery on websites within Google and Other Search engines.


Course Curriculum


2020 Live Event Member’s Only Discount – Coupon Code
JKD Live Event 2020 – Member’s Only Discount – Coupon Code
Welcome – Sign Up for The Webinar
Read First: Trust, Terms, Rules and Secrets
Your Regular EEMM Webinars with Jimmy, Daryl and Russell
Add Your Questions: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask ANYTHING
EEMM NDA: Please Download and Sign
Important! Entity Mastermind Webinar Replays and Notes:
EEMM Webinar 1: Feb 08-2019 – Kickoff Webinar + Rules of Engagement and Training Outline (90:08)
Webinar 2: The 90% Conversion CL Leads System for your Agency (Daryl) (82:10)
Webinar 3: Google Tag Manager + Entity Secrets (CWD for Entity Types) (110:41)
Webinar 4: How to Hack Yelp’s Review Filter (97:42)
Webinar 5: Introduction to “The Search Console” Software (101:32)
Webinar 6: The “News” Schema and Template (93:19)
Webinar 7: Expanding Upon “Persona” Schema (and More) (105:12)
Webinar 8: May 16th (Questions and Answers) (91:11)
Webinar 9: Entity Blueprint Selling and Explaining to Clients (91:11)
Webinar 10: Advanced Futureproof Audio Object Schema Step-By-Step (99:58)
Webinar 11: Reciprocal Schema Advanced Level (88:55)
Webinar 12: Advanced “Q and A” Schema and Template (Part 1) (81:59)
Webinar 13: Jimmy Kelley and Daryl Osborne – Q and A and Stuff (91:59)
Webinar 14: Local Push Youtube Live Streaming Instant Ranking (Part 1) (92:42)
Webinar 15: Local Push Youtube Live Streaming Instant Ranking (Part 2) (115:06)
Webinar 16: Q & A for Local Push Youtube Live Streaming Follow-up PLUS Introduction to Green Arrow with Jimmy Kelley (101:29)
Webinar 17: Local Push Youtube Live Streaming Instant Ranking (Part 3) (86:46)
Webinar 18: Advanced Schema Cascade Methods (EEMM Only) (74:37)
Webinar 19: Article Schema Magic to Boost Your Entire Entity Stack + RSS Part 1 (Advanced Mastermind Level) (100:23)
Webinar 20: Happy Halloween (106:44)
Webinar 21: Google Calendar Stacking (80:47)
Webinar 22: Advanced Entity – Questions and Answers (85:04)
Webinar 23: Super G-Stacks for Entities (121:06)
Webinar 24: Hot Seat Q & A (Includes Introduction to Geospatial Geometry Schema and More) (82:48)
Webinar 25: Q & A with Bonus: Local Surge (113:16)
Webinar 26: Do You Actually Image Yo? (79:01)
Webinar 27: Metaframes, Iframes, Iframe Stacking and Other Insane Meta-Methods (80:02)
Webinar 28: Schema Extendability (102:40)
Webinar 29: Ask Anything! Entity Questions and Answers. (64:57)
Webinar 30: Associative Splicing (83:06)
Webinar 31: Voice Search & Speakable Schema Deeper Dive (86:01)
Webinar 32 – Q&A and Updates (70:00)
Webinar 33 – SiteNavigationElement Schema – Keyword Cannibalization – Q&A (75:19)
Webinar 34 – Advanced RSS Part 2 and Q&A (88:56)
Webinar 35 – Advanced RSS Part 3 and Q&A (75:14)
Webinar 36 – Q&A Day July 30th, 2020 (70:05)
Webinar 37 – Aug 20 – 2020 – Q&A – More Geospacial – Hyper Relevant Geo Clustering
Webinar 38 – September 3 – 2020 – Advanced Schema Nesting Continued (73:40)
Webinar 39 – Sept 17 – 2020 – Entity Salience
Webinar 40 – Oct 15 – 2020 – Intro to Cloud Entity Stacking
Webinar 41 – Nov 5th, 2020 – Cloud Stacking Part 2 and RSS Schema Reveal (70:50)
Webinar 42 – 11-24-2020 Entity Mastermind – Cloud Stacking Process More OTS, RSS Reveal, and Q&A (67:56)
Webinar 43 – 12-17-2020 – Entity Mastermind – Autosuggest Sculpting using Paid Ads Method – Method 1 of 2.wmv (98:15)
Webinar 44 – AutoSuggest Part 2 – Google Vision API Tool (94:36)
JKD “Entity-Era”Agency Process Stacks (General Outlines)
Part 1 – JKD Entity Establishment Ranking Contract (General Overview) (27:41)
(Sample Contract) JKD Entity Establishment Blueprint Contract
Schema Templates (Proprietary)
“Organization” Schema Diagram (and Unique Organization Identifiers) (78:44)
Service Schema Template + Webinar Explanation (74:44)
Product Schema Template (Intermediate) (81:43)
“How to” Schema Template
‘News” Schema Template
“Video” Schema Template
“Audio” Schema Template
“Person” Schema Template
AMP Pages for Google Search
Enhance AMP content for Google Search
AMP & Structured Data: Optimize AMP Pages with Schema.org
AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages (Plugin Help Files)
Entity Establishment Training Diagrams
Entity Establishment Diagram (Kickoff)
The Entity Vector (Key Concept)
Traffic to Entities and Machine IDs (Jimmy Diagram)
All About Machine IDs, Entities, Affordances and End Nodes
Basic Level Part 1 – Using Google Trends to Snatch Google-Approved Entity Machine ID’s (If Available) (3:27)
Basic Level Part 2 – Multiple Machine ID String for a More Perfect End Node Vector (5:33)
Basic Level Part 3 – Top Level Google Entity Categories – Machine Learning Stack Logic (6:44)
Intermediate Level Part 1: What, Who, Where, When, VALIDATION (35:43)
Intermediate Level Part 2: Entities + Affordance = Actions (Google Definition) (7:13)
Intermediate Level Part 3: Types of Google Search Affordances, Validations and Triggers (21:51)
Intermediate Level Part 4: Do Youtube Videos have Machine IDs?
Advanced Level Part 1: Use Videos and Images as Traffic Validation Because They Have Machine IDs
All Things GMB (Google My Business) and Local Search and Entities!
(Of Interest) “Google Guarantee” Leads Official Reseller Document
Basic Level – Jeep Rentals Austin (or How to Rank for a Competitive Local Term in About 1 Hour) (12:17)
GMB and Schema Question: Single Website, Multiple Services, 2 Locations
How to Make Purple Polygon in Mymaps (by Daryl)
JKD Approved “Entity” Services
Gstack “Entity Establishment” Rankers
G-Indexer (Daryl’s Settings)
Required Preparatory Info- By the Owner of Google (From Basic Entity Establishment Training)
Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web
From Structured Data to the Knowledge Graph
(Offical Google) Machine Learning Training
Video 1: What is Machine Learning? (AI Adventures) (5:22)
Video 2: The 7 Steps of Machine Learning (AI Adventures) (10:35)
Video 3: From Search Engines to Answer Engines (Deep Neural Networks) (3:57)
Google Admits to Entity Update as “Core Update”
Consider the Data-Scale of Google (Required Knowledge)
JKD Approved “Entity Establishment” Tools
Google Lens Spoofer: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/
Optimize Images: https://imageoptim.com/api
Code Editing and Reformatting: http://www.digitalconfidence.com/MetadataTouch.html
Visual Structured Data Tool
Disable Yoast JSON – SEO https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-yoast-ld-json/
ALL THINGS Google 360 Photography and 360 Video
Insta360 Evo is a foldable 3D Camera
Sherman Hu’s 360 Street Views and Advice (Certified Google Photographer)
What is Panoskin?
Add Your Virtual Tour to Facebook
15: Reciprocal Schema (Basic Entity Level) (45:35)
For Your Convenience! BASIC Entity Training Webinar Replays and Notes:
Webinar 1: Introduction to Google AI’s new algorithm (90:27)
Webinar 2: Schema.org: The Overview (what we are looking to accomplish) (67:36)
Webinar 3: Local Business Schema Level 1 (71:00)
Webinar 4: Local Business Schema Continued – MyMap Beginning (83:12)
Webinar 5: Geospacial Coordinates and Entity Establishment (76:34)
Webinar 6: Service Schema Template (74:44)
Webinar 7: Product Schema Template (81:43)
Webinar 8: Daryl’s “Organization” Schema Diagram and Unique Organization Identifiers (78:44)
Webinar 9: Expanding Upon the “Person” Schema (48:20)
Webinar 10: Google Tag Manager Set Up (Also General Q & A) (62:00)
Webinar 11: HIPAA Compliance, The Paid Google GMB and More (49:06)
Webinar 12: How To Schema and Competing With Ads (49:37)
Webinar 13: Audio Object Mark Up (6/13) (86:42)
Webinar 14: Video Object Schema Mark Up (62:04)
Webinar 15: “Q & A” Schema (63:06)
Webinar 16: Video Carousels Schema (and More) (66:42)
Webinar 17: MAJOR SUMMARY – Entity/Schema Best Practice with Daryl Osborne (70:25)
Webinar 18: Schema for Job Listings (59:59)
Webinar 19: Entity Elements versus Entity Clusters (43:47)
Webinar 20: Recent Schema Update, Youtube GEO Update Tweaks (50:26)
Webinar 21: The Schema Cascade – An Introduction (Entity Basic) (63:31)
Webinar 22: Article Schema Magic to Boost Your Entire Entity Stack (56:29)
Webinar 23: Using the @Graph Function in Schema (54:19)
Webinar 24: Entity Pollution – What is it and how should you defeat it? (72:45)
Related SEO 2020 Videos: Traffic Ranking! (Over The Shoulder Videos with Jimmy and Tonni)
Webinar 33: Local Business Ranking PT 1 (Over the Shoulder)
Webinar 34: Local Business Ranking PT 2 (Over the Shoulder) (69:34)


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