May 28, 2022

The Instagram DM Automation Accelerator By Natasha Takahashi – Free Download Course

The Instagram DM Automation Accelerator By Natasha Takahashi – Free Download Course

Join School of Bots, the World’s Leading Chatbot Agency, in their BRAND NEW Group Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Go-Getters:

The Instagram DM Automation Accelerator
Generate leads and boost revenue in as little as 24 hours
through our 4-week guided chatbot marketing system.


Learn all things Chatbot 2.0 and get in on the next biggest thing in marketing today.


Struggling to boost your business on Instagram? Hear cricket noises every time you open your DMs?
Nowadays, consumers crave a personal touch more than ever. Whether they’re interacting with a brand or messaging a chatbot, consumers still expect a positive, unique experience.

According to the State of CX 2020, not only did 96% of consumers say that a quality interaction over a messaging channel was important to their brand loyalty; but 71% of customers claimed that they would happily use a bot if it meant improving their customer experience.

And since 4 out 5 of people use IG to research products and services (according to Instagram themselves), it’s become clear that paying attention to IG DMs isn’t optional anymore.

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or agency owner, we can imagine that this data doesn’t surprise you.

We all know that personal touch points with prospects can make or break a sale: the faster you reply to their DMs, the better your chances of closing the deal.

In the age of micro-moments and uber-connectivity, that’s just the name of the game.

But is this ALL there really is to the IG DM marketing game? Or could it be something more altogether? Is it even possible to get rid of all this friction—on TOP of generating leads, nurturing prospects, and closing sales from your followers regularly?

The short answer: hell yes.

The long answer: you can hit two birds with one stone if you’re willing to get ahead of the curve. But it’s going to take learning the best of marketing innovation like you’ve never seen before.


How Does the IG DM Automation Accelerator Work?

Here at School of Bots, we’ve had plenty of experience training aspiring experts just like you. (10,000 of them, in fact.) In our Accelerator, you would be learning our psychology-based conversational frameworks in a small cohort with other like-minded peers, where you will have the space to build and experiment with your very own automations as you apply what you learn.

Led by School of Bots™ co-founder Natasha Takahashi, our group coaching program literally accelerates your learning by taking out all of the guesswork—not just by empowering you with proven strategies, but by providing you tailor-fit coaching and feedback on your own creations.

What’s so unique about our Accelerator is that the School of Bots™ was actually one of the few businesses handpicked by Facebook to beta-test Instagram DM Automation 2 months before it went live—testing it in partnership with one of our clients who has a user base of 3M students.

Not only have we gotten a headstart to actually test our proprietary systems using Instagram DM Automations, but we’ve already been able to invest countless 12-hour days designing and refining our program based on the latest and most rigorous data to date.

Joining our Accelerator puts you in good hands and positions you at the forefront of this game-changing marketing innovation. You won’t just gain expertise in this niche—you’ll be one of the first to do so: in an inspiring, challenging environment, designed to help you succeed.

Explore Our 4-Week Guided System for IG DM Automations
Starts On Monday August 30th 2021
One of the best things about our guided system is how anyone can easily replicate it as long as they’re willing to learn. Not only is it as easy as any marketing software that you just drag and drop, but there’s absolutely no coding or previous skills needed to make it work.

In other words: if you can follow instructions, you can do the entire program with zero experience necessary.

Within an hour, you can have a campaign implemented from scratch thanks to plug-and-play funnel templates (that can be used in multiple cases), specific done-for-you campaigns, and our step-by-step proven strategies.

We’ll be showing you the proper way to build your own chatbots from the ground up, not only on the execution side of the technology, but the application side of marketing psychology. All you need is just 5 hours a week to get results quickly, and then it’s fully automated indefinitely.

That’s just 2 hours of live coaching and building, with 3 hours of implementation. Throw in quick group chat responses and campaign feedback from Natasha, and you can get results in as little as a few hours’ time as long as you’re willing to put in the work and implement as instructed.

At the end of the day, Instagram DM Automation is not just for customer support: it’s a marketing tool for revenue generation and conversion automation. And once you finish the Accelerator, you’ll be able to create these results and see them for yourself.

The IG DM Automation Accelerator Curriculum
Kicks off on August 30th
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
Let’s get you generating ROI in the first 2 weeks (or less!) of the program—whether it’s for your company’s Instagram account, your client’s, or your own.

If you joined our free Instagram DM challenge, what we covered was actually just 1 out of the 15 strategies we use in our proprietary DM Domination System. And that funnel you created after participating? That’s just 20% of what we usually build for a high-converting DM Funnel.

At this point, if you graduated from our free challenge, you would already have the fundamental knowledge and principles to dive right into generating ROI this early on in the program. But if you didn’t watch at least the first 3 days of the challenge, then we strongly recommend that you do prior to diving into the Accelerator program material.

Create your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel. Using our data-backed framework, plug-and-play templates, and conversational copywriting principles, you’ll be generating and converting quality leads from your IG posts and Stories in no time. As the #1 low-hanging fruit for your business, we’ll make sure you capitalize on this funnel first.
Design your Instagram DM Domination System. This framework will cover your entire 30-day strategy, reveal your areas for growth, and show the new tests you will need to run once you have a solid foundation for your funnel.
Integrate your DM Domination System with your CRMand/or email marketing tool for a seamless backend connection for your prospects, clients, and returning customers.
Set up your results tracking systemfor your Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel with our plug-and-play templates and easy-to-follow SOPs.
Learn how to use the key platforms for chatbot building, list hosting, tracking, and integrations involved in your DM Domination System.
In between group training calls, you’ll be given specific assignments to complete before the next call so that you can apply what you’ve learned and integrate concepts through trial and error.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together in your second week:

Get feedback on your Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel during our live call or in the Discord group chat. This way, you can iterate based on our comments and refine your funnel before you officially launch it to your audience.
Launching your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel! This Formula uses our data-backed framework and conversational copywriting principles to generate quality leads quickly from your Instagram Stories and posts, and turn them into actual buyers.
Set up your Customer Support System for yourself, and/or your support/sales team. Using our proven template and automated Slack notifications (or ones from the platform of your choice), the goal is to automate answering at least 50% of your incoming DMs once this is implemented. You’ll get all the resources and SOPs you need to train the people who’ll be answering DMs that the chatbot cannot fully answer (e.g. complex inquiries).
Set up your general DM experience for when someone DMs your profile for the first time or anytime, but doesn’t opt in to a specific DM Funnel. This will involve installing your pre-determined Icebreakers, Default Reply, and a whole lot more.
Woah, get ready to see some MAJOR WINS by your third week. At this point, you should be generating impressive revenue and leads from your DM Domination System! In between training calls, you’ll be given specific assignments to complete before the next call.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together in your third week:

Get feedback on your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel during our live call or in the Discord group chat. Ideally by this point, you’d have some test data of around 100-1,000 leads. You read that right!
Start optimizing your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel for CROusing our SOPs and templates. You’ll be checking on your funnel daily, start running split tests, and making adjustments where people are dropping off in your funnel. All of this data will be easy to see and act upon, based on the tracking system we set up in Week 1.
Amp up your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel with our paid traffic strategies.This is optional but highly recommended, especially if you’re a business profile that’s not a personal brand/influencer/creator on the ‘gram, and you get a lot of organic reach and engagement on the daily.
Now it’s time to expand your strategy!Does that mean building your next Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel for a different product or service? Does that mean bringing affiliate or influencer traffic to your DM Funnel? Does that mean scaling your first Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel to the moon with aggressive paid traffic? This move will be unique to you and your business model, and should drive maximum ROI.
Amp up your Customer Support System to automate at least 70% of your incoming DMs with our SOPs. We’ve been able to achieve ranges of 80-95% of incoming DMs automated within 30 days, which you can aim for by the end of our 4 weeks together.
Start optimizing your general DM experience as well—meaning when someone DMs your profile for the first time or anytime, but don’t opt in to a specific DM Funnel. This will involve optimizing your Icebreakers, Default Reply, and more, all based on the data.
Time to blow your results through the roof—and out this world. In our fourth week, we’ll be scaling everything you’ve built to the next level. In between training calls, you’ll be given specific assignments to complete before the next call.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together in your fourth week:

Get feedback on your first and/or second Prime & Convert Formula DM Funnel during our live call, or in the Discord group chat. At this point, you’d ideally have even more test data of around 100-1,000 leads, along with $2k+ revenue generated.
Prepare your expansion strategy for the next few months,in line with your launch and evergreen effort calendars.



Exclusively available to students who pay in full upfront, week 5 will serve as an extra opportunity for individuals, agencies and companies alike to receive even more in-depth coaching, especially when it comes to selling chatbot marketing as a service.

Our agency team currently works with clients for a minimum of $10,000 per month to strategize and implement a chatbot marketing system. While Instagram DM is just one of the channels that we usually focus on, there’s massive opportunity for you to 1) add this as a service to your existing agency, 2) create an agency to focus on providing this service.

In this first bonus week, we’ll teach you our most effective sales method to date: The Chatbot Value Video.

You’ll learn exactly how to find and pitch Perfect Chatbot Clients, get their attention with a Chatbot Value Video, and close them on a Discovery Call or shortly after.

We’ve taught this to thousands of agencies and seen incredible results. One of our favorite case studies is from a member named Vince, who had his director of sales go from sending 600 LinkedIn cold messages every week, to sending a few Chatbot Value Videos… And they went from $15k/month to $70k/month in under 4 months.



In our second bonus week (that also serves as the final week of the program), we’ll continue to give you feedback on your Chatbot Value Videos, and help you nail down your exact Instagram DM Automation service positioning.

This is key to working with clients on the terms you want, at the rate you wish to get paid.

Remember, you must be able to produce significant ROI for clients if you want to be charging premium rates. But that’s what we help you do in the first 4 weeks of the program, so at this point, you’re ready to start closing deals left and right.

Our goal for this week is to help you either close a new client or upsell an existing one at your desired rate. As we end the program, we want you to be as primed as possible to get significant returns—for your clients, and yourself.

Why Should I Join the Accelerator? What’s in It for Me?
We start on Monday August 30th, 2021
At just 5 hours per week, joining our 4-week program means that you’ll be able to:
Gain exclusive access to our DM Domination System and Prime and Convert Formula for DMs broken down step-by-step in over 50+ videos in your membership portal
Receive fast and detailed feedback on your Instagram chatbot campaigns thanks to the weekly 2-hour coaching calls led by our co-founder, Natasha Takahashi
Get hands-on support 5 days a week from the School of Bots™ team in our cohort-specific discord g group chat that’s active for the entire duration of the program
Save an enormous amount of time and energy researching and understanding platform updates, policies and features because we’ll be updating our curriculum nearly every week
Boost your confidence in your ability to deliver amazing results and sell this as a service thanks to easy-to-follow implementation sessions, and sales strategy lessons
And so much more.


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