June 30, 2022

The Resolution Revolution By Melanie Ann Layer Alpha Femme – Free Download Course Program


The Resolution Revolution By Melanie Ann Layer Alpha Femme – Free Download Course Program

Have you ever thought – this new year is going to be different – and then it wasn’t?

Something feels so special about a new year. It’s like a fresh start, a new chance, an opportunity to make good on all those resolutions you’ve been repeating every year.

In an instant, as the clock strikes twelve and you welcome in the new year, you have an unspoken agreement to put down the heaviness of the year just passed and try once again to turn your resolutions,
your hopes, dreams and wishes into your reality.

A New Year’s Resolution.

A chance to start again.

And again.

And again…

Because, it would seem, your resolutions only get you so far before life gets in the way.

There is something romantic about New Year’s Resolutions.
Something that is appealing and inviting to most people who want to try for a better year, a better life.
A magnetizing power and energetic pull that comes with the concept of New Year’s Resolutions.

Where you felt lost, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed by the year just passed, a resolution can feel like – for a sweet moment in time – everything is possible…anything could happen. And so, we continue to create grand resolutions every year only to become familiar with the same months that had once appeared so fresh and new! The magic faded away, old patterns return and we recreate the same pattern, disappointed with our reality when that year comes to an end.

Have you experienced this disappointment before? The one where you have great intentions at the beginning of the year but know that it will be a fluke if it actually happens? And then, when it doesn’t, you kind of knew it wouldn’t and you feel this expected disappointment. I think we all have experienced this at one time or another.

Here is the truth…

Resolution is merely a word.

By definition, a resolution is just a thought. A decision in fact. But that thought, that decision does not come with instructions, intentions or inspired action. It does not come with results included. Just because you make a decision or make a choice that something is, or isn’t going to be a part of your life, it doesn’t mean it naturally and effortlessly occurs. And this is why so many people suffer the curse of the New Year’s Resolution.

So, let’s be clear for a minute – a resolution without a plan of execution is simply a wish, a dream, a hope. And while these are beautiful concepts to hold onto, if you want to experience them in your reality you really need to know how to put an execution plan in place so that you can actualize your resolution.

Which is why, after 6 years of perfecting this process, I am ecstatic to be introducing to you:

A revolutionary process to have you feeling elated, in awe and blown away with what you can accomplish and actually achieve in just one year – when you put action and planning to a resolution.

I started doing this Resolution Revolution process for myself. And thanks to this process, the way that I create my new year has generated more success for me every single year – in business growth, relationships and life. Now, I want to share this Resolution Revolution process with you.
I want to share it with you because I know,
and I mean I really KNOW that this process can work for you too.

How am I so sure it will work for you?

Because this program is not just about sharing information with you, it’s about providing you with the tools and processes to experience TRANSFORMATION and INTEGRATION – all the levels of change to have you living your most extraordinary year ever! It is one of my most hands-on programs where I show you my systems for organizing my year. I will show you how to really know what your year is going to look like but still leave space for creativity and flow.

The Resolution Revolution program works because it is structured to benefit you. It is structured with discipline, focus, integrity, organization, and planning to have your year ahead looking so clear that you can’t help but build it with direction, purpose and ease. This program has got so much heart and soul to back it up. An undeniable charm that wins over even the most skeptical of people because it’s different and proven and so simple to understand and grasp. And what makes Resolution Revolution so different is that it will give you EVERYTHING you need to experience your best year yet – and that’s a promise!

If you are truly tired of having your resolutions fall flat and your desire for a bigger and better year melt away, then why not try something different?

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t for the faint of heart. This isn’t for those who want the easy way out and are not ready to do the work consistently. While the Resolution Revolution Program is a short 10-day program, it is jam-packed with incredible and powerful tools that WILL see you experiencing your most extraordinary year!

And with these 9 jam-packed days comes a responsibility that only you can fulfill.

You must be ready to follow through and make a commitment to a year long journey of exponential wealth, success, joy, and happiness. And I am going to show you how.
In 9 days or less you will be transformed by:
Closing this last year super powerfully – not enough people do this and it is the foundation to a guaranteed successful and transformative year. Before we plan and goal set for the new year we must reflect on the year that has passed so that we can forgive and release what no longer serves us while we celebrate and anchor everything that has played a part in our growth
Really taking a deep look into our habits and conditioning that create the same issues year after year after year – and learning how to break those patterns
Focusing in on our integrity and discipline to see what has caused our breakdowns in the past so that we can create a new foundation of growth for the future
​Reconnecting us to our vision and our reason so we can show up for this year stronger than ever before
​Experiencing some incredible visualizations to really have us deeply connect with our willpower and our inner strength so that in the new year we can truly become the person we want to be and embody those qualities
​Understanding how we experience success and failure so that we can navigate this new year with ease and grace
​Awakening our ability to move through energy blocks and calibrate to the level of transformation we are aspiring to
​Exploring time disassociation to help us understand the time pressure we put on ourselves which often causes us to fall out with our goals and how we can build a successful new year based on desire and energy rather than time
​Implementing a money growth system that is the highest vibrational “budgeting system” we will ever learn – a wealth care system that really is the best way to grow our money
​Learning the processes and systems of successfully setting goals, journaling, manifesting, achieving and celebrating
​Seeing how to import information into our calendar without feeling overwhelmed and without feeling like we just want to quit half way through the year
​Finally, joining in on an incredible celebration at the end of the program, a beautiful anchoring celebration for getting ourselves set up and ready for the year ahead

What’s included?

Money management, wealth creation and how to take care of the money you have
I share one of my favourite wealth systems that truly took my financial situation to the next level
Organizing, how to plan a schedule, you get to plan your desires and what you want to do in real-time in the program
We will be closing chapters that you may have open at the beginning of the year that maybe didn’t pan out exactly how you may have wanted them to, let go of things that may be slowing you down, let go of limiting beliefs that you be carrying through the year unless you give them up

We will be setting up a set of goals and beliefs for the year to make sure that everything that happens from this point forward is intentional and a new beginning
Leadership and how to get ourselves to be committed to our goals for the year
Manifestation, becoming a manifestation magnet for people, circumstances and opportunities in your life
Celebration, and how to anchor in memories
My favorite thing about setting myself up for success in the new year is knowing that by the end of the year I am going to be amazed and exhilarated by all the resolutions I would have ticked off as done!
And more than anything, I want this for you too.

Imagine, in 9 days or less you will be on a path that is lit with potentiality and possibility. A path that has clear signs and easy to follow directions. Who could you be if you had all the answers, tools and guidance to get you to where you want to be? You could be anyone you chose to become.

When you join, not only will you have intimate access to me, but you will be surrounded by the incredible energy and support of other likeminded women on the same mission as you.
Together, we will rise and experience our best year ever!


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