June 28, 2022

Thoughtpreneur 2.0 By Mel Abraham – Free Download Course


Thoughtpreneur 2.0 By Mel Abraham – Free Download Course


Join the TOP 3% of Thought Leaders by mastering the same strategies, tactics and techniques they use…




Identify Your Expertise

Learn how to leverage your unique insights and stand out in even the most crowded markets.

Build Signature Frameworks

Discover the 4 types of content frameworks and implementation techniques to increase the impact of your content and boost sales.

Heighten Your Credibility

Use the Credibility Creator to build demand and charge a premium with an impressive industry presence.

Craft Compelling Content

Quickly and easily modularize your knowledge to craft impactful speeches, courses, podcasts, books, and more!

Map Your Proprietary Process

Design a unique process to propel your business and achieve maximum results on a consistent basis.

Choose a Strategic Platform

Define the best ways to reach your audience and have the largest impact on your market.

Attract Clients + Customers

Craft Compelling Content

Master sales conversations and develop a focused 90-day plan to increase the momentum of your business.

Each module in TPA contains short videos, exercises, templates,

and worksheets specifically build your thought leader

intellectual property (it’s not simply training,

it’s a process that’ll set you apart!)!


8 Thought Leader Building Modules:

(released weekly) including…

Then once you have the landscape and a plan, we’ll move on to…

The CORE Financial Model and metrics that drive the success of your thought leader business!

IDENTIFY the Key Roadblocks that are keeping you from having the business you want it’s not what you think

DEVELOP a Transition Plan to navigate from where you currently are to where you’re looking go!


Inside Module #1, You’ll Discover:

We’ll start out by laying a foundation—understanding where you are and where you want to go.

Before we can start building your thoughtpreneur business we need to get clarity on the things that are important to you, where you are and what you have to work with.

In Module 1 you’ll identify the financial metrics that are meaningful to you…and define the line to get you there.

Specifically, we’ll look at the math behind a successful business and getting some clarity on the obstacles that may be in your way so we can craft the plan to transition you from where you are to where you want to be.

You help create clarity & help us share our message with impact.

And you help us sell by showing us how to take people from emotion to logic!

No one does what you do…

You’re %&^* brilliant Me!!!…”

– Tim Adams,

Strength & Movement Coach

Your Path to Cash Flow & Freedom

MODULE #1 – Foundation

Get Some Clarity!



All Thought Leaders build there thought leadership on their unique and distinct perspectives.

It’s your unfair advantage.

In this Module, we walk through a process that uncovers your UNIQUE GENIUS.

Your Unique Genius will come from directly from your journey, education, experience and more readily through your success and failures. Through these proprietary processes, we get to the thread that runs through everything you do and informs your thought leadership.

After that we move into your calling…

DEFINE the KEY TURNING POINTS in your journey that will be used to create the DNA of your insights!

UNCOVER what strengths are driving your results, expertise and angle to your content.

CLARIFY Your LIFE’S Work to bring your thought leadership to life!


Inside Module #2, You’ll Discover:

Time to Stand Out!

“Mel helped us breakdown what we do into a simple framework and position ourselves as the “go to” person in our field…since then we’ve added at least $1,100,000/year to our business & hit the highest conversion rates on any of our launches. And it comes down to thought leader positioning, messaging and frameworks and Mel is the only guy I go to for that”

– Brandon Lucero,

Video 4x Effect/Sold With Vid

The Portfolio of Your Thinking


What Do You Know!

Then once you started to catalog your wisdom, we’ll move on to…

The FOUR Communication Pathways and what is the proper way to land your message to each type!

CAPTURE Your Thinking so that you can easily deliver your message across all modes as a speaker, writer, live, online, course creator or coach and more…

HOW to MOVE People with your work by crafting your insights through a thought leader formula that gives power to what you do!


Inside Module #3, You’ll Discover:

This is the CORE of everything you’re going to do because now’s the time to catalog your thinking.

At the root of your thought leadership is your thinking. But how do you capture your thinking in a way that gets your message across in a compelling and influential way. We do that here.

In Module 3 you get introduced to one of the most VALUABLE tools I use to build my content for speaking, writing and videos.

Specifically, You’ll be able to craft your messaging, content and knowledge to land for the four types of audiences. And you’ll have the flexibility to deliver in any environment, mode or venue.

“Mel is simply one the smartest guys I know when it comes to business and thought leadership!

I haven’t made a business decision in the last 8 years without first talking to Mel”

– Brendon Burchard,

#1 NY Times Best Selling Author



Let’s Draw a Picture!

OOOH I love this part… creating your signature frameworks.

This becomes the graphic of what you’re known for.

In this Module, we walk through a process that builds your SIGNATURE FRAMEWORK.

All the TOP Thought Leaders use visual frameworks to bring simplicity and understanding to their teachings. Think Covey, Porterfield, Wedmore, Sinek and Burchard…Frameworks will make your insights and concepts memorable. They’ll make you stand out and distinct. And when created the right way will move people to understanding and taking action.

After that we go even deeper…

GET Clarity on the four important characteristics of an effective Diagrammatic Framework!

Understand the SIX Framework Types that can be used to bring transformation to your audience easily.

BUILD your FIRST Framework based on thought leader framework principles that capture your process!


Inside Module #4, You’ll Discover:

“ I got so much out of the event that I literally went on Sunday & (made money) by enrolling a client into my coaching using a framework that I built at your event…

…I felt in control to bring that information to him visually. I know it will help me to serve better.

That’s thanks to you… I am forever grateful. ”

– Dylan Stewart,

North Star Man Coaching

Your Story & Building a Process


With the guts of your Thought Leadership in place, it’s time to get seen…the right way!

HOW to Build a 3-7 STEP Process that gives your client the certainty of the results they want!

IDENTIFY the MAGIC Bullets that simplifies the execution and accelerates your client’s ability to implement your process for results

DEVELOP a Story the why, and what of your work which connects to your client, their struggles and lifts their desire to work with you!


Inside Module #5, You’ll Discover:

Now it’s time to capture your story and process..story personalizes it and process allows your clients to get results consistently.

Studies have shown that people will pay more for something that has a definitive process and a story behind than not. We’ll uncover yours here.

In this Module, you identify your specific and unique process to get results while building tools to make it easy.

Specifically, we’ll define the milestones of the journey from where your client is to where they want to be while understanding the specific action steps to get them there. We’ll also craft the story to bring a personal emotional aspect to your work.

It’s Story Time!

“Hi Mel, I finished the 3-part launch today and after 5 years of falling and getting back up I finally sold 2!!!!! The big difference… everything I learned from Thoughtpreneur Academy. The frameworks, how to talk to each type of person, etc. I cannot thank you enough! I implemented 5 frameworks that I created and each one hit for them. Thank you so very much for being an amazing mentor”

– Theresa Cantley,

Biz & Brand Advisor



The TOP Thought Leaders are truly known for what they know and what they know makes a difference.

Positioning is how you are in the hearts and minds of your customers.

In this Module, we build your CREDIBILITY, VALUE and ANGLE.

Your Positioning is your key to being seen, being seen often and being seen as high value. Your marketing doesn’t matter unless it leads to PREMIUM POSITIONING! Then you need to articulate your value in a way the drives connection and desire.

Now we can define how to reach those you want to serve…Platform

DEFINE your CREDIBILITY STACK so it drives who you are and why you’re the only one to work with.

BUILD Your Second Framework called a Value Visual which is a graphic that demonstrates the value of your work and working with you.

CLARIFY Your Sales Conversation to speak to your value, their transformation and not feel salesy or sleazy!


Inside Module #6, You’ll Discover:

Make Them See You!

“Mel is an absolute rockstar in the industry! He has found his genius zone and I don’t believe there’s anyone who knows it better.

In an industry that’s attracted a lot of Smoke & Mirrors type of so-called “leaders/gurus”, Mel almost comes in like a superhero. He has a strict code of honor & integrity & it beams from him. He’s brilliant, relatable, & actually cares about people. ”

– Kip Brooks,

Speaker, Trainer & Success Coach



The final piece is to craft a viable plan for your success…

UNDERSTAND the Many Delivery Vehicles so you can choose the key ones that fit for you!

IDENTIFY Your Platform Foundation so you’re clear on how you want to reach your audience and deliver your transformations.

DEVELOP a Platform Plan to connect with your audience, build your business and be the thought leader you want!


Inside Module #7, You’ll Discover:

Your Thought Leadership can be delivered in many different way—you decide what fits for you and your audience.

When you craft your thought leadership the right way, the “Thoughtpreneur Way” you have complete control over how to deliver your work to your clients…live, online, spoken, written, courses, coaching, consulting, advising it’s up to you!

In this Module, you’ll see the many options you have and find the one or ones that fit your lifestyle. There’s no one way.

Specifically, we’ll look at how you want to specifically build your platform and reach your audience. There’s a menu of options that you get to define in a way that fits your lifestyle, your desires and the needs of those you serve.

Create a Following!

“In 2017 we finally broke 7 figures which was a big goal of mine and the key reason for that was positioning and frameworks. And the go to person I always go to for this is Mel Abraham…if you’re looking at how thought leadership can make you market leader and build your business then get on Mel’s radar, get in his world because your business and your life will thank you for it””

– Rick Mulready,

The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast



We work in 13-week sprints… so now you will craft your 90-day plan.

This is about your impact and income.

In this Module, you define your next 90-day focus…by deciding on who, what and how to serve.

Building your thought leadership business is a process that we break into easy to execute 90-day sprints. Not all things will work but it’s through a tracking and execution process that we find the right combination for success.

DEFINE the NEXT 90-Day messaging and what the specific delivery vehicle will be!

UNCOVER what KEY METRICS to track and how to adjust for long-term success.

BUILD Your 1-PAGE Plan to bring focus and laser-like execution to your business!


I Have Some Extra BONUS “Gifts” for You:

The 8 main modules of TPA will completely change the way you approach being a thought leader. But that’s simply the start of your journey.

When you join Thoughtpreneur Academy, you also get 6 ACCELERATORS to make your progress even faster and your success even easier, and tools that simplify everything you do (these will be released in 30 days so the focus is on the main program and process first)! Starting with…

2 Tuition Waivers to Influencer’s Intensive LIVE $5000 VALUE

Join hundreds of established entrepreneurs and thought leaders at our LIVE event! Learn cutting-edge strategies to optimize your business for maximum results.

Our next event will take place in Fall 2019, in Orange County, CA. (A separate one-time $97 materials fee applies.)

Key Business Drivers $497 VALUE

Access this separate training by my good friend and colleague, Brendon Burchard. He’ll cover the key focus points for driving your business growth with minimal effort.

The Power of Story $497 VALUE

Storytelling is an incredible tool for bringing your content to life and raising your value within the marketplace.

This training with master storyteller and broadway performer, Bo Eason, focuses on how you can use storytelling to 10X your impact.

Branding You $497 VALUE

Unlock a special training on the foundational elements of branding, and learn what you need to consider when it comes to protecting your brand.

Exclusive Thoughtpreneur Community $4,997 VALUE

Join an exclusive network for up-and-coming thoughtpreneurs – where advice, learning, and tricks are shared daily. This is a think-tank of incredible minds, making a huge difference in the digital world.

The Platform Progression $597 VALUE

This proven 4-phase process will give you the tools you need to build your own successful platform. Gain the visibility and wisdom necessary to charge premium prices for your personal expertise.


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