July 2, 2022

Weirdest Event Ever By Perry Belcher – Free Download Live Replays & Recordings


Weirdest Event Ever! By Perry Belcher – Free Download Course Event Replays – 6 Full Masterclasses in 3 Days Live!

Discover The Details of The SIX Big Business Models I’ve Used To Generate Over…

$500,000,000+ LIVE in Las Vegas December

Wild Man, Marketer, Copywriter & Investor Perry Belcher LIVE for 3 Full Days and 6 Big Sessions Explains His Most Successful Work Once and For All!

You’ll get a jump on everyone else time wise, you get everything for pennies on the dollar plus you get to participate in the live Q&A, mixer parties, candid conversations over drinks and more.

You’d have to be pretty stupid to pass up an opportunity like that.

Here’s a little taste…

What We Will Cover in Vegas
Session #1 The Association Method:
3 hrs. Day 1. Morning Session
Owning consumer or trade associations is my #1 recurring revenue model. It works SO much better than a normal membership site with 9 BIG ways to monetize.

I currently own 3 active associations with over 50,000 monthly paying members.

Think about it, when’s the last time you heard of an association going out of business?

In this session you’ll discover:
​That Associations are NOT required to be non-profits
​That NO special license or permission is needed
​That the average membership stick rate of an association is YEARS not months like ordinary memberships
Discover how I use my now famous “Tripwire Method” to subscribe members 10 times faster than my competition.
​The Junior Member trick to increase your membership rolls to make you look even bigger than you are and increases paid member signups by 150%.
​You’ll see why associations hold so much political power and how you can leverage that to your benefit.
​You’ll understand why association members require little upkeep.
​You’ll learn that association revenues come from dues, certifications, endorsements, licensing, list rentals, live events, affiliate arrangements and at LEAST three more streams…
​You’ll discover why associations are highly sellable assets when you are ready to exit retire or move on to do something else.
Fact is, this one model pays ALL my bills.

BONUS: You’ll get my member onboarding and retention blueprint that makes members stick around for what feels like FOREVER!
Session #2 A.I. Agency Blueprint:
3 hrs. Day 1 Afternoon Session
Artificial intelligence has changed the way smart agencies run forever. Imagine creating more value, and charging higher fees while doing FAR less work.

A.I. is here NOW and services like Jarvis.ai are only the tip of the iceberg.

A few facts:
A.I. Can write copy (beating ME 64% of the time)
​A.I Can create videos that outrank 88% of those created by humans in a fraction of the time
​A.I. Can buy media in Facebook, Google and other platforms with great efficiency and accuracy.
A.I. Can create audios for courses, podcasts and videos that GREATLY outperforms humans with a tenth of the effort.
​A.I. Can generate unlimited tracking and reporting for your clients.
​A.I. Sources our LEADS and does our outreach to clients (yes it sells for you)
Holy crap there are WAY more!

BONUS: See how we give our clients all the software THEY need to run their business along with the prettiest dashboard you’ve ever seen for $4.90 a month…

So you are so embedded they will NEVER fire you 🙂

My friend Dan Starnes with hundreds of clients and just one assistant. Using A.I. and programmed services will be there with me ask me anything Q&A..

Can you imagine?
Session #3 On Demand Commerce:
3 hrs. Day 2. A.M.
I love selling STUFF on Amazon, Shopify and Etsy.

Real stuff from Candles to Bath Bombs, T-Shirts to Canvas Art, Jewelry to Gummie Bears.

Truth is people WANT to buy things so much more than the intangibles like info, communities and memberships.

Bottom line: Selling stuff is EASY.

Challenge is… Physical products are a pain in the ass. Inventory, warehousing, returns, shipping etc… but…

What if you could sell the stuff people want and not worry about the rest?

Fact is you CAN! We do it every day.

And not just on Amazon but Etsy, Walmart, Shopify and more.

In this session you’ll learn:
How to cherry pick the best selling items from almost any marketplace and reverse engineer their success.
How to create subscription box programs and Amazon subscribe and save listings for 3X Revenue and 10X net profits.
How to source domestic and import items with GREAT margins that ship on demand.
How to leverage Amazon assets like Kindle and Audible to drive FREE traffic direct to your listings.
​The SINGLE best source to drive traffic to your ETSY items for just 2 cents a click (It’s not Google, Facebook or Instagram)
​How to outsource photography, listing, customer service etc… so you can be a one man band if ya want.
​This and a heck of a lot more…
BONUS: One of the largest private label health supplements manufacturers will be in the room to design products for you while you wait.

My friend Shelia Kay who sells THOUSANDS every month in jewelry, candles and clothing she never sees will be there with me for nuts and bolts advice.
Session #4 Big Ticket Sales from Tiny Events:
3 hrs. Day 2. P.M.
The theme of 2021 is BIG TICKET! Coaching, Advisory, Services and more… In fact it’s hard to make it today on Facebook and Google without a big ticket offer.

Here’s the problem: Everybody knows that.

Big ticket folks are FIGHTING for the same customers and are paying up to $300 for just a phone call with prospect.

And that’s not too bad for an average $10,000 sale but why?

We are currently filling high ticket programs and closing 7 out of 10 prospects using an olds school method with a big twist:

Tiny live events.

The system works by attracting FREE leads with high buyer intent, closing them via text ONLY, then nurturing them face to face or in small online settings.

The better news is they are PRE-SOLD before you ever make an offer.

In this session you’ll discover.
The zero dollar attraction – How to sell $1000 seats via messenger with $0 in ad costs.
How to use lateral “pre-faming” (yes I spelled it right) to have attended begging to spend more money before they even arrive at the event.
The “Secret Venue” that makes prospects convert to clients TWICE as well as a hotel
Why 10 is TO MANY! attendees for optimum high ticket closing.
​How to read the K.E.D. “Key Emotional Drivers” of the people in the room for fastest and easiest conversions.
​The Piranha & the Princess Principle that never fails to convert qualified prospects.
​Master the “Take-a-Way” close for the fastest and most effortless closes ever that STICK!
​Why guest speakers are almost ALWAYS a bad idea that will cost you sales in a small environment
​How to PURGE the 20% of all groups that are deal killers before the event starts.
​Why you should NEVER offer a syntax or schedule to your tiny event attendees
​Much, Much more…
BONUS: Get my 3 question pitch that averages a 85% close rate with a single call to qualified prospects.

NOTE: Kevin Nations, The original Chillionaire and will be on hand, fireside chat style, to help me with this game changer.
Session #5 DFY Service System:
3 hrs. Day 2. A.M.

In fact my DFY service companies are the fastest growing and most profitable assets I own.

So why doesn’t everyone offer DFY services?

Because of a HUGE lie!
“If you own a service you are trading hours for money”
Bullshit! Although that’s kinda true…

…Except it ain’t my time!

Nothing and I mean NOTHING online will make yo as much money as fast and as easily as selling done for you services.

That’s just a FACT!

In this session you’ll learn:
Why client will pay 10X what the will for advice and education.
How to close $1000 per mont clients easier than selling an ebook.
How to know services people are willing to pay the most for at a given time. (It’s an Amazon hack)
How to piggy back or partner with HOT course creators to attract clients in bulk
​How to “program” off shore workers to do ALL the work
​The ONE key person you need (it’s NOT you) or the entire business is sure to fail.
​How to scale and exit your services business for up to 20X its annual profits.
BONUS: How to pinpoint and make an offer to JV partners they can’t possibly refuse. (With my exact swipe files)

NOTE: Karla Singson, My partner in Scalewind will join from her beach home via live feed to discuss how she built our business to mid 7 figures in less than 7 months profiting 30-40% a month!
Session #6 Equity Advising:
3 hrs. Day 2. P.M.
As an investor I always want a deal. The money is made in the buy they say. Well how about this…

What if you get people to PAY you to take equity in their companies?


They pay you CASH and give you stock for free or at a fraction of it’s current value.

The smartest people will be happy to do this for you.


Because they are stuck, frustrated and need help growing the business.

In other words they would rather have a slightly smaller piece of a much bigger pie.

Surprisingly it’s easier to get clients to give me cash and equity that it is just to get them to give me cash.

I think they really like it when our interests are aligned.

In this session you’ll discover:
What deals to avoid like the plague. We call these SLD’s and they are almost as bad as catching an STD.
How to put yourself out in front of the right people that will literally come to you for help.
How to realistically value a business and decide what you’re willing to do for your equity share.
You’ll get my exact meeting and call schedule that leaves me really only working with each client about 2-3 full days per year.
​You’ll learn how to build your value bundle to include things that they can’t get anywhere else. I can help with that a great deal
​You’ll learn the three secrets to doubling or tripling valuation without changing anything at all about the basics of the business
​You’ll learn how to strategically exit or value exit and an auction in your favor.
BONUS: You’ll get all of the canvases that we use when evaluating and prescribing what we would do to grow.

NOTE: There’s so much more to learn here I brought in my expert friend Roland Fraiser to help.

Look, these are only the sessions that will be going inside the room.

There will be off microphone conversations, live Q&A, dinners, drinks, every way imaginable to get involved with other people just like you.
NOTE: This is a Pitch Free Event.
 No Products Will Be Sold Here
If you know me you know that I hate a pitchfest. I think they are the easiest way to KILL all goodwill with your audience.

Therefore nothing will be sold at this event.

Absolutely nothing.

So why am I doing it?

This event has three purposes:

Reason #1: To create 6 education products for future sales. (That by the way you will get 100% free when released)

Reason #2: So that the handful of people in the room that may want to work with me directly have a few days to evaluate me to see if I’m worth it.

Reason #3 I am always looking for new business partners and businesses to invest in so while you are evaluating me I will be checking you out YOU too!

Plus – I get to hang out with some old friends and I get to make some new ones.


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